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  1. A variety of genres available for free download as well as my latest track 'Dirty in my Soul' https://soundcloud.com/austin-stables/dirty-in-my-soul
  2. Have a gander. See what you think. x https://soundcloud.com/austin-stables/rate-of-change
  3. I would be ok for a copy of ableton. I've budgeted and I really wont be able to afford £300, hence asking on here. Thank you very much though for your help
  4. Hi there I am intending to go travelling for 6 months to Egypt soon and was really hoping to get my hands on a laptop that would cope with photos, music, skyping and facebook as well as putting up with some basic productions on Ableton. I have saved and saved but unfortunately have budgeted that I need all my money for travelling. Does anyone have a decent spec laptop out there they'd be willing to offer for a trade? I have a fair amount of guitar and xbox 360 equipment that I would be willing to trade with anyone. I have a fair list of stuff so PM me with details and I can let you know of my equipment info.
  5. I am currently delving into the electronic production side of music and have amassed a few things i'm quite proud of. I find, however that most of the stuff i'm most proud of is things i've had collaborative assistance with from friends and since they aren't musically minded it's hard to really connect in a production side of things. I was wondering if there's any people out there in Aberdeen who would be willing to trade musical ideas etc, maybe get some sort of production/live effort off the ground running similar equipment and musical tastes as I am? My DAW of choice is Ableton and I currently own a launchpad with the ambition to expand hardware and software in the coming months and also own a fair whack of Guitar accoutrements, amp, pedals etc from my metaller hey-days. This is my site with a sampler of some music and I would really genuinely love to hear from anyone whose interested, or even just a 'hey, that's no bad' or 'fuck you, you made my ears bleed yi tatty'... https://soundcloud.com/austin-stables There is also a link on there to my facebook page for my production efforts. Anyways thanks and much love x
  6. Heres a few of my electronic productions for you all to peruse. Haven't posted in here in a fucking age, but was pointed back by the direction of Euan Davidson and noticed it had had a nifty revamp. Good to see so many people loving electronic music and production, didn't really realise there was a part of this forum for this sort of stuff! Anywho, here's my link for you all to peruse, all available for free download. https://soundcloud.com/austin-stables
  7. Blackstar pedal Gladly pay 70 for this pedal if you can wait til this coming friday for cash? Interested? Austin
  8. I get horrific sleepwalking patterns. I've screamed fuck off countless times in my sleep, i've been halfway out my window on a sunday trying to get to an exam i was late for and ive woken up in the washing basket downstairs. It's all related to stress apparently.
  9. If you ever need more for in the future, a hanging robe is a box that removal companies use to hang clothes in when transporting folks stuff. Sure they wouldna mind like 2 or 3 for free to you if you were to sell more basses in the future.
  10. Try removal companies for hanging robe boxes and pack them with packing materials.
  11. It's hardly a bad thing offering a band 1000 for doing something that's initially and mainly fun. Or am I missing something?
  12. Looks like the t in the park toilets.
  13. elbow - cast of thousands frou frou - details ray lamontagne - trouble Sure theres plenty more but just off the top of my head, some of my favourites so far.
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