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Dog owners

Memphis Skyline

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Who here has a dog? As of October, I will be a dog owner and I can't wait.

What kind of dog have you got? Any advice about training a puppy?

We are getting a Cairn Terrier puppy.

dogs > cats

Hi there MCJ

I have a 2 and a half year old german shep. I got her when she was about 3 months old. My advice would be having lots of patience and seriously "puppy proof your house :D" I had lots of experience with door facings being chewed and a hallway carpet torn up when I left her on her own for a few hours!!

Its a normal phase tho and they learn quick. Theres lots of info out there and really good training books. I would deffo recommend training school when they are 6 months old as it does them the world of good. They become accustomed to other dogs and people and learn behaviour skills. Also I would recommend the toilet training pads you can get for house training (you can pick them up from pets home down at the beach).

Put plenty newspaper round as puppy bladders are quite weak when they are excited and playful!! lol

Don't put your pup straight on foods like pedigree chum and all that. You are best to use puppy foods that you can get at places like pets at home. Gives them the foundations of a healthy diet at an early age.

One last thing I would recommend is insuring your pup. Its an extra cost but its worth it if your pup develops any skin, diet or even at worst case hip displacement as some dog breeds are vunerable to have at an early age even if they are hip scored. Trust me, vet bills can be expensive if your dog is not insured.

Thats my advice anyway, gimme a shout if you need puppy food brand names or anything else

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If you are going to give your dog choccy,give it doggy chocks.DON'T give it normal choccy as they can't digest it properly...it's a bit of a poison for them. :up:

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I had a cairn terrier when I was dead little. But then when my step-mum at the time moved in, she told us it had conveniently "run away" so her shit skinny greyhound thing could take the reigns. Whack.

My mum used to breed Rottweilers. Rottys are mint. I would like to have one when I am older and have a house with a garden.

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This is Button our Lhasa Apso. She's 4 months old now.


Give your dog plenty of attention but also give him/her space.

Set the ground rules so it knows that you're the boss.

I ignore Button for the first 5 minutes in the morning so she knows that she's not the centre of attention.

I would get some training mats. They really help establish a pattern for toilet training.

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