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  1. check your tubes, could be a bad preamp valve thats went
  2. Not sure what the connections are on the back of the engl but the gcx can take anything midi and aux jacks etc. the rjm stuff has special interface cables for a lot of their products. I think the gcx and ground control is great, you can hook up to 8 things in the loops on one gcx and anything midi. If I use the diezel herbert it changes through midi by the gcx and still has 8 loops for any pedals or processors. If I use my other amps the channels are changed using the loops. I had to get a custom cable from bogner though for my bogner ecstacy to work with the gcx. Also the gcx's can be stacked. I use 2 which gives me 16 loops but I think you can run up to 4 of them.
  3. Have you looked into the voodoo labs products or the RJM gear? I use the voodoo labs GCX system and it works perfectly for all kinds of switching needs. I have everything in a rack when I use it, pedals, rack units etc, and it changes any combination I program with one tap of the foot on the midi controller
  4. You put contact cleaner in the input loon ;-) Speaker connections. Make sure they are securely in and give them a clean. Its its distorting and sounding like shit you may have blown the speaker. Don't open your amp and go in there if you don't know what your doing. Even when its off those filter caps hold lethal voltage and you don't even have to touch them to get a nasty jolt. Filter caps need to be drained to safely work in an amp.
  5. Theres a few guys around here go down to see him with their amps so maybe they could take it for you. I will be down there maybe in october time so can easily drop it off for you if needed. He is going to be working on an amp of mine that could take a few months. By the way am not saying classaxe are overcharging you. I don't know the circumstances but if that was just a straightforward cap replacement then Dennis would have that drained, stripped and replaced within 10 mins
  6. Ps, are you running an electric or acoustic through the amp? The vox you are speaking about was an acoustic amp was it? You checked the speaker connections out? Sprayed some contact cleaner in the sockets?
  7. I have spare boss footswitches kicking around somewhere if you want. It sounds like its faulty. They are an easy solder
  8. They are definitely worth it. They as others say isolate each input and give you no worries with buzz or hum. Remember though no matter what supply you use, a lot of pedals out there need certain power demands and draw a lot of milliamps. Strymon pedals for example need to run on a specific 2 inputs of certain power supplies like the pedal power as they draw up to 300ma each. Before you commit to a new power supply check out the ratings for your pedals. Voodoo labs forums has a section detailing that and what pedals need what.
  9. Heard that kind of thing a lot in mesa amps, usually from the preamp tube assigned to the effects loop, could try swapping a preamp tube at a time. Other causes could be jacks or pots. May be worthwhile putting some contact cleaner or air in them. If problem still persists then its likely a component. Do you have anything plugged into the loop when this is happening or nothing at all? If not then try putting a patch cable on the swnd and return joining them together and see if you have the issue
  10. There is a guy in London called Dan Gower. He can be found via his company facebook page. He mods, repairs and builds amps, he has done many for some big names that rave about his work as well. He has a lot of videos on the facebook page so you can hear his work. Also give guitarguitar a call, the shop in glasgow know a builder down the street thats good and reliable. I can't remember the name of them though but thats who guitarguitar use. Would post dan gowers page on here but can't link it through my phone. Dennis is the biz but as people say he is always up to his eyes, doesn't respond much to messages and is starting to wind down.
  11. These scammers are certainly moving on from the old prince of Nigeria emails!
  12. If your just after delay have a look at the tc flashback x4 pedal. Its really versatile and has numerous modes of delay, true bypass etc, can switch and store settings. Or the TC normal flashback pedal and the hall of fame reverb.
  13. They are more expensive than others but the eventide "factor" range is good, also the strymon timeline and mobius. There are cheaper options and even more expensive (axefx).
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