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  1. Maybe so... he just comes across a bit sullen though. Never more so than when playing with Drever and McCusker who are both really funny. When he came to the Exposure night I thought he seemed in a right bad mood so I guess he's always like that.
  2. As a folk fan, I enjoy Woomble's voice and lyrics and LOVE Before the Ruin by Drever, McCusker and Woomble - but find his patter pish poor. Still, I'll probably go to this.
  3. I'm looking forward to singing at this - sounds like it's going to be a great night.
  4. I think Jake was spot on to describe them as real life trolls - that's exactly what they are and if you feed them they'll only become more annoying. As a massive gay myself and one who lives right by Queen's Cross, I'll be taking care to be as far away as possible that day. I respect those who think otherwise, but I really feel as though if they turned up and had their little protest with no audience whatsoever, they'd be frustrated. I was disappointed to see this merited 2 pages in the EE today but I understand why it did. When I worked at the Journals they sent me a big package from Kansas, full of propaganda and hate and I can tell you, these folks are utterly batshit.
  5. Thanks for the tips - the wedding is in Maryculter next year. If anyone else has seen any that impressed them, I'd be glad to know.
  6. A friend is coming over from Australia to get married next year and is making a lot of her plans/arrangements from there. She was hoping I could recommend her a good ceilidh band for the occasion but I don't happen to know any. Can anyone suggest any that they've seen playing weddings or other occasions? Thanks in advance.
  7. I vote Wally Swan. Practices at both Dyce and Holburn St. Holburn St does a drop-in session every day from 6pm so you never even have to make an appointment. As long as you get there for 6 you're usually seen within half an hour. Very nice man too.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I might check out the beach near Cullen. I've never been that far up the coast before, only as far as Banff, and am keen to explore somewhere new. Sounds a good'un, cheers.
  9. Anyone have any recomendations for good places to go for a picnic? I'm looking for somewhere that's fairly quiet and safe to let a dog off the lead (eg with no sheep or roads very close by). Also if anyone knows any good spots on a loch or somewhere the dog can get in the water, that'd be perfect. Anywhere in the North-east will do. Anyone know any hidden gems they'd care to share?
  10. A friend of mine has just moved up from Glasgow to take over the Shepherd's Rest in Westhill. She's looking to get some live music going on a Friday and Saturday night. Anyone interested should email Helen on shepherdsrest@live.co.uk
  11. Man I am so crap at hills. The only saving grace was I thought it was going to be right at the beginning. Here's hoping there's no rain, or snow. No race pack here either...
  12. I'm now doing the Balmoral 5K on Saturday as a practice for Baker Hughes in a month. Is it really steep? Keep hearing it's all uphill or something o_O
  13. Thought this was top notch tonight. Right up my street. Special mention for The Deportees - thought you guys were actually brilliant. Loads of dramatic moments to punctuate the serene -generally ace, well done.
  14. Any chance of a sneaky peek at the set list? I'm only going if they do ALL the Nirvana covers. Twice.
  15. So are you kids nervous for tomorrow?
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