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  1. Ghostwriter

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    Adam Easy Wishes.. in the Globe last night.. about 7ish
  2. Ghostwriter

    Restaurant / Takeaway review thread

    I'm pretty sure I saw Papa John's posters in a shop window on Holburn Street, which would suggest another branch is opening? I could be wrong though.
  3. Ghostwriter

    Restaurant / Takeaway review thread

    It's just like a tub of cheap, melted - turned room temperature - butter that happens to have a modicum of garlic essence. Seriously awful.
  4. Ghostwriter

    WANTED: Furniture for empty flat.

    Have your sofas been taken yet? If not.. what colour are they? any chance of a photo? and where do they need picked up from? Thanks! p.s. - apologies for hi-jacking the thread but i'm in need of furniture on the cheap too..
  5. Ghostwriter


    I'll tell you what's ace-ic.. when you're in a car park and someone, who is just about to leave, gives you the ticket they bought. I love not having to give Aberdeen City Council parking money at the utterly ridiculous rates that they charge.
  6. Ghostwriter

    Things you can't look cool doing.

    I just saw a cyclist with a flat tyre carrying his bike. He definitely didn't look cool.
  7. Ghostwriter

    Things you can't look cool doing.

    chasing a plastic bag across a loch to avoid looking like an un-environmentally friendly bastard in front of a bunch of outdoorsy folk.
  8. Ghostwriter

    Things you can't look cool doing.

    And have these girls told you that you seem like a total pro? Or is this just something that you imagine they're thinking?
  9. Ghostwriter

    Things you can't look cool doing.

    trying to push a 'pull' door.. and vice versa
  10. Ghostwriter

    Pet Hates!

    I'm a student, I don't have a job right now and I'm extremely stressed today. I have 3 exams between now and this time next week. I've worked my arse off during my time at uni and have done really well. But you never know how an exam is going to go no matter how prepared you are. And when it's your last ever uni exams, and the results have the potential to make or destroy your degree, I think the feeling of stress is more than justified.
  11. Ghostwriter

    Tell me what you need...

    I'm afraid it's been done... Five great iPhone apps for guitar players
  12. Ghostwriter


    Thanks for that.. all makes sense now.
  13. Ghostwriter


    I thought, as I was writing my query, that it may come across as if I had some problem with the UK not starting the day first and like I was questioning who had allowed other countries to be hours ahead of us magnificent Brits.. But I'm not a complete fud. In all honesty.. it's one of those things that I've always wondered. Why does the day not start in America and then we'd be behind them rather than a few hours ahead? Can anyone actually explain why it is like it is? Or am I looking way too much into this...
  14. Ghostwriter


    I think you missed the point.. They are on the other side of the world and there is a 12 hour time difference because of the way the world spins while rotating round the sun. But who decided that the day would start first there and then come round to us.. and not that it would start here and move round to them so that they were 12 hours behind. Not really seeing the relevance of your race analogy..
  15. Ghostwriter


    On a related note.. I have never understood why Australia is 12 hours ahead of us. Is there a reason why it's not 12 hours behind?