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  1. The Sloth

    Best Punk Act? - The Fudge Music Awards 2014

  2. The Sloth

    Most Missed? - The Fudge Music Awards 2014

    Filthpact are not dead yet
  3. The Sloth

    Bass guitar recommendations?

    Ibanez and Cort do good cheap basses, I always liked the Epiphone SG basses too, they do a short and a long scale version.
  4. The Sloth

    Bloodstock comes to Aberdeen

    Interesting, I wanted my band to enter in this in Glasgow. When will the tryouts take place?
  5. Hi folks, we have changed our name due to there being a few other bands called Bison, one of them doing a similar style of music. We will now be called Bisongrass. We have decided to make the change now before we release our CD. The new Facebook page can be found here https://www.facebook.com/Bisongrassmetal Cheers
  6. The Sloth

    Fudge Music Awards - Best Punk Act 2012 ?

    Punk, Wat is it???
  7. The Sloth

    Fudge Music Awards - Best Newcomer 2012 ?

    The other threads are pretty shit.
  8. The Sloth

    Fudge Music Awards - Best Extreme Act 2012 ?

    Tibetan Dave, hands down.
  9. The Sloth

    Pickup purchasing help!!

    We should make a thread called 'ask James'
  10. The Sloth

    The worst thing i have ever heard/seen

    christ! I would so much love to punch that singer in face when he comes bouncing up with his stupid smiley face.
  11. The Sloth

    Fun, but I'm not quite sure why....

    oh yeah, the apocalypse looks quite pleasant.
  12. The Sloth

    Pickup purchasing help!!

    EMG pickups are ace if you want a super crunchy, clean and precise sound. I prefer the EMG 60 in the neck. I had an 81 and 85 setup and found the 85 too overpowering (you could say boomy!) in the neck position. 60 is much cleaner and the volume and tone response is more even when changing from the 81 to the 60. Bare Knuckle Warpig would be the one to go for if you want to stick with passive pickups, I have the alnico one and it's ace!