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  1. Looking to start up a new project, so I'm seeking folk to jam with. Guitar/Vocals are my forte, so ideally I'm looking for a drummer, and another guitarist (ability to do vocals wouldn't be too shabby!) as I should have a bass player, but I'm always open to trying folk out. Influences are along the lines of Mastodon, Melvins, Baroness, Tool, Electric Wizard and similar artists, a bit of sludgey prog, for lack of a better description. Aiming for the sort of music that would work well as instrumentals (that's why I'm trying to avoid having a seperate vocalist). If you're interested at all drop me a p.m on here and we can try get a jam sorted. Cheers!
  2. Hey man, quite interested, drop me a p.m!
  3. Does the drum kit come with cymbals/pedal etc?
  4. Yeah, I've read it. Really enjoyed it, although it was horribly tedious at times.
  5. With bands like Dragonforce, I find it hard to see at what point they draw the line between being a serious band and having a laugh, as it all seems like one massive joke to me. Maybe that's the point and I've just missed it. Although I know too many people who hail them as one of the greatest bands of all time, those people can't take a big fat fuck to themselves.
  6. Pretty much just been buying replacements for lost/broken CDs, mainly Melvins. Haven't bought a new album so far this year.
  7. Banger to me is any one of the following: Sausage Type of Firework A shanner of a car A cock. Regional dialect is a bastard. edit: Car; snap
  8. Never heard it used for any of those first 4. ?(
  9. American Psycho. Watched it far too often recently, but there's something about it I just fucking love. I think the lead character, Patrick Bateman, is brilliant and Bale portrays him excellently. Also Jared Leto getting fucked up with an axe is brilliant. "TRY GETTING A RESERVATION AT DORSIA NOW YOU FUCKING BASTARD" Glorious.
  10. I really dislike Dragonforce, just to add to this. I don't know what it is, I just think they're a bunch of total bangers. Also, Journey and Motley Crue can go suck a dobber.
  11. I've got high(er than last time) hopes of qualifying. Although, we are Scotland, which never spells success.
  12. For the band, recently I've been writing lots of tunes when I'm high, never used to do that, but that just seems to be my most creative time at the moment. I try to never "plan" how a song will go(for lack of a better phrase) as I'm not really for convention song structure due to my main inspirations. I have a few times hummed a riff onto the recorder on my phone, but due to the ridiculousness of the intended riffs, it's hard to hum it. Lyrics wise I just start jotting stuff down when need be and I see where it goes, it never tends to be about feelings/experiences, most of the it's some total nonsense. I rarely get ideas for them and jot down on a napkin or something, for me lyrics have a time and place to be written as they're the least important part of the music to me. I've been doing a lot of solo stuff just now, just as a side project. It's experimental (ala Fantomas), so it's hard to write that stuff at times although once the brain gets going it's simple as you can really do whatever the fuck you like with it. I've tried to lay tracks over, say, 5mins of a film/cartoon, changing tempo/style/mood etc depending on what's going on. It's quite amusing.
  13. I'm looking for someone addicted to Crystal Meth.
  14. I'd like to see them try it with Duplo.
  15. nonch.com Blog Archive Cool Monsters from Independent LEGO Artists Some quality ideas, must've taken an age to do.
  16. Constantly been meaning to check this out, it's pretty good then I take it?
  17. 02.02.10 Manchester (MEN) 03.02.10 Birmingham (LG Arena) 04.02.10 London (Wembley Arena)
  18. Ahhh, my bad. Pretty much that, since I've lived here quite a number of people I've known have left to go elsewhere/back home within that time. Just noticed that I managed to miss out "ly" at the end of "on", as a result it made no sense.
  19. Not so much of a pet hate, but why do so many people on stay in Aberdeen for a short time? Fucking gantin' for a smoke.
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