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best chinese takeaway?

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I'm trying to find the best one, but can't find much that live up to golden star used to on George St, Eagle may/Fusion etc were ok but the fusion place I order two kinds of dishes which came with exact same sauce :(

The ni tried the Big Wok (where golden star was) and it has been best so far...I always judge on thickness of sauce (thinner better) and shredded beef chilli (nae to fatty nae too crispy)

If you can splash out, try chinese restuarant on Holburn or Saigon! mmmm neither delivery tho

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Might have to try The Eagle May, usually just go to The Silk Road on Chattan Place. They do decent Singapore Noodles and Pad Thai.

mmmm pad thai.......(ha ha I just canna help myself when it comes to food!! ha ha)

Thai Cottage is one of my fave Thai places, the set menu C is ace 30 and wads of food, change the Lemon Chicken for Shreeded Chicken Chilli tho ;)

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Wok Wok on Crown Street is mintul.

being round the corner from me, I used to go there quite often until the shit customer service. We were basically accused of trying to rip them off a portion of the hoi sin/plum sauce!!

First I was corrected that it was plum not hoi sin (or the other way round - like it mattered - I just wanted the sauce to go with my duck after spending about 25 there)...then told it was in the bag...when it clearly wasn't

We ended up having to go to Shanghai Chinese and buy the sauce cause they wouldn't give it to us (saying it wouldn't have been the first time someone conned sauce out of them)!! ha ha only a tub of sauce!

why would you go to that effort to do that?

So they are being boycotted, their shredded beef is shit anyway!

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