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  1. Not really sure if this is a piss take or not, but looks brilliant:
  2. I like football. It's the apes who take it too seriously that annoy me. Fanny.
  3. People who get upset over football. There's nothing more annoying than watching a game/highlights than when the camera focuses on some cunt sitting in the crowd either crying or holding his/her head in their hands. fuck off, it's just a game!
  4. More of an irritant than a pet hate of mine is the Compare the Market/Meerkat advert. IT'S NOT FUNNY!
  5. And then there was of course Dready jackets!
  6. We do them at Jessops. It's 7 for a set of 6. Proper quality too.
  7. The worst thing ever was when Hacksaw Jim Duggan got 'crushed' by Yokozuna. WAIT...no, it was when Papa Shango put a curse on The Ultimate Warrior just after Wrestlemania 8 for interfering with Hogans match against Sid Justice. I remember Mr Perfect commentating the next week saying "Yes, a referee died last week due to the ultimate warrior vomiting on him due to Papa Shangos curse". Scared the shit out of me, so it did.
  8. People who say "t'internet". It's INTERNET
  9. I know it's been mentioned before, but those clipboard cunts who stand outside Markies are really starting to fuck me off. No means no!
  10. You've completely missed the point. Go home.
  11. I'd say Ma' Camerons for good pub food. I had the steak pie yesterday and it was excellent. The tattie and leak soup for a a starter was a bit 'council house' but the main course was very 'Rubislaw Den'.
  12. Bar/Restaurant toilets where you have to put your boot to the door when having a shit because there's no lock.
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