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  1. Concert Square is a good carpark. 24 hours and after 6pm it's £1.50 which I presume is until 8am. If it's the Sunday day-time that you're down a lot of the time you can park on the street for free, and definitely park on the street from 6pm-8am for free.
  2. Apparently 5 hours. And yes, on the M8 over the Kingston Bridge and down the M77. You'd probably be able to use the new M74 extension to miss out the M8. Google says it will cost £43 in fuel too! Haha.
  3. I went to see The Lion King in the cinema last night. Wish I had just seen it in 2d as the 3d didn't really add an awful lot and dulled the colours. It's as good as it was when I was little, but obviously the moral themes running through it were more obvious. I'm also not afraid to say I cried about 3 times, one of which was the obvious! Kinda glad I had the 3d glasses to hide the tears!
  4. Saw Manchester Orchestra on Monday. First headline show I've seen them play. It was really really great!
  5. Ricky Foster is quite hot. Although he looked better in blue last season!
  6. I'm really confused as to why Pat Nevin is on this show?!?
  7. Watched 'How to Marry a Millionaire' with Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable. Made in 1953 but genuinely very amusing. Such glamourous actresses. 'One Fine Day' - Never watched it before, but given it was a rainy Sunday afternoon and on tv it was quite good.
  8. The Wizard of Oz Love Actually Anchorman The Notebook Back to the Future
  9. I really like that song!! This is a good thread!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYUuqbSyTHY
  11. I really could get carried away in this thread!!
  12. The weather. I know it's now autumn but 9 degrees at 3pm this afternoon is just ridiculous. And the new facebook. I don't understand why they need to keep making so many changes!
  13. Probably. I didn't think that there was an alternative for pubs to be honest. It all sounded really complicated when we were talking about it and possible consequences for the pubs. Couldn't get my head round why a pub in Paisley would be showing Aberdeen v Hibs on a Saturday afternoon in an empty pub either! Haha.
  14. It's illegal. They can only show games on a Sky subscription for pubs. The only one they can show is the one that has the wee pint glass in the corner. I only know this because my friend is a solicitor and one day we traipsed round pubs to see if they were showing games illegally.
  15. I have to add that it is an 'alleged' legal document. The language used throughout is not really consistent.
  16. A legal document has been leaked about Martin Bain's action against Rangers for earnings etc to the tune of about £1.3m or something. Within this it suggests that Rangers' tax debt is approx £49m. The document also suggests that Whyte has no money (similar to the what most Rangers fans fear). If this can't be paid then insolvency is highly likely. That's the jist of what I could understand from the very legal jargony document. http://rangerstaxcase.com/
  17. I got a Soda Stream for my birthday from my very lovely friends along with a shiney new tv from my parents to replace my 15 year old tv/video combi! This has been a good birthday!
  18. I'd like it better if we could change the colours to suit us. I'd quite like mine to be purple! Haha. It's going to take time to get used to the new site, but hopefully it'll be a grower!
  19. I was wondering where she came from. I have Radio 1 on in the office everyday and this song has been played over and over. I think it's great. Her guest vocals on other tracks are also really good. Think she'll have a pretty good career performance and songwriting wise!
  20. Super 8. So good to see a film that was just genuinely amusing, emotional (at times) and action packed. Very enjoyable!
  21. Jeanette

    Your current read?

    To be honest it was my friend who borrowed it, but I'd finished all my other books so had to read something! I'll check out those recommendations you've posted. :-)
  22. Jeanette

    Your current read?

    I haven't read any other the others. I think I got this on some kind of offer with another book. I got the impression whilst reading it that there was something before it so I'm going to start from the beginning.
  23. That's definitely a pie! The only steak pie I've ever had with pastry everywhere is a shortcrust one. Puff pastry is just on the top (which I think is the best pastry for a steak pie). My mum makes steak pie in an ashet which wouldn't really allow for pastry all round the sides.
  24. I'd suggest Barrhead Travel, but nip into the branch because the website doesn't help really.
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