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Grand Theft Auto 4

Old Gold

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I fear my regular life will become a retarded shell of its former self come Tuesday. I'm just not used to computer games making me this impatient. The multiplayer even looks ten times better than anything I'd previously expected (mainly due to the super-weak co-op bits in San Andreas).

I hope it's not unforgivably shite for some reason.

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i preordered so it should arrive soon hurrah!

Me too!!!

I was having a wee laugh to myself at the thought of all the neeps queuing up at midnight for a bastard computer game, then at the guy at Blockbuster reminded me that I had preordered mine and I could pick it up Monday midnight.

Might just do that to see if the folks are queuing like lab rats or are giving it the George A. Romero treatment at the door.

Should be fun.

More likely - coz I'm an auld caaahnt - I'll be safetly tucked up in my fart-sack instead.

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I'm going to head to lovely Tescos in Bridge of Don for my copy at midnight because I am a sad cunt. Interestingly, my girlfriend won't 'let' me play COD4 because it's to violent but actually likes GTA.


You need to slap her upside the head and get her back in the kitchen!

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