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Why Is Most Music So Shit?

Erase Today

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Erase Today' date=' I think you're a cunt.


What a nice welcome - Hello to you too. And thanks for the abusive PM's Were you pissed or something? cos the things you said to me were quite scary actually. Are there a lot of people on here like you? I hope not - I will publicly say you are a sad maggot.

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To be fair most of the music I encounter on the radio and TV is pretty poor. The big bands of the 90s are now releasing tepid crap - Oasis, U2, REM. When Coldplay get to be the biggest band in the world and Keane (aaarrgh!) are thought to be talented... it's a poor state of affairs. Similarly, when I go to Moshulu to hear the metal, the newer stuff doesn't appeal to me really - I don't like Korn, Muse, , Velvet Revolver will never be GN'R, and so on. Back in the day when I was a greaser (1992) you had Metallica when they were good, Alice In Chains, Black Crowes, GN'R, Nirvana, Slayer, Faith No More, Mudhoney, Fudge Tunnel, Obituary... could you get as good a lineup today?

You'll probably say "well find the good music of today then". The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spritualised, The Music, Franz Ferdiand and Belle & Sebastian are all tremendous. But I don't hear the era-defining stuff of before...

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