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  1. I dont like them. Not really anything good going for them... I agree, a bit samey.... Although I do love Gibb
  2. Drinking is bad!! well not really... its kinda fun
  3. I reckon Jesus will come back in the year 3000 and do his thing ^_^
  4. I got threatened of being chucked out of the tunnels when Howards Alias were playing simply because I had a toilet plunger.... *is confused*
  5. I saw one in the Bi-Exchange for 15 quid I think.... no games with it mind, but they easy to find
  6. yeh, everyone else does these days....
  7. I like South park too.... its just so rediculously crazy.... makes me laugh ^-^
  8. yeh, I'm just waiting for someone to step in and say something about the links/advice to download illegally.... *waits*
  9. well it IS the wasteland... a joke in itself nah just kidding, aberdeen music rocks
  10. They were 27p last time I bought one.... mind you this village is still in the stone age... we got the wheel the other week....finally!
  11. Don't you also hate it when you can't find the droids you're looking for?
  12. The episode with the racoon incident in it had me laughing from the start of the racoon bit till the end of the episode... and even a bit after...
  13. Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth like Jazz ^-^
  14. I thought I was drunk the first time I read that... then realised it was meant to be like that! aceness
  15. Heheh, now you can make yourself look like a gangsta! just fill in this form
  16. Don't forget old people re-writing an article over and over again! oh wait, thats still better than a dot matrix....
  17. I don't even know what I want for Xmas this year.... Need to think of something soooooooon!
  18. I'm popular with the people that know me... if that makes sense... but not so much on here... In-fact I dont think I know anyone on here personally except Reject_Monkey
  19. Hahaha, made me laugh! :D
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