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  1. The amount of folk speaking through the set was indeed ridiculous and I ended up having to tell a couple of guys beside me to shut it, but Jose was amazing and I was close enough to see his magical finger picking so I went home happy.
  2. Any idea who the support is?
  3. Cat Power - The Greatest Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas Richard Ashcroft - Keys To The World Jeff Buckley - Live A L'Olympia
  4. I recently bought the live YouthCare charity gig album and would say it's the best Pearl Jam have ever been, there is no way they are past it.
  5. I can't wait for this album, really hope I can get myself to a date on the tour.
  6. Pearl Jam - Riot Act for 3 quid springs to mind.
  7. ...then cats to take care of the gerbils and dogs to take care of the cats etc etc.
  8. It's just nae the same without Edmonds. If you keep opening boxes like that you're going to break one...did I just say break?
  9. That was the first episode i've seen of it and I must say it was fantastic. Partridge is an absolute hero.
  10. Marn

    King Kong

    I loved it, Jack Black was surprisingly good and it didn't seem too long at all for me. A round of applause for Peter Jackson.
  11. I've heard a couple of songs from them, which I like, might have to get my arse along to this.
  12. Infidels and oh mercy are untouchable for me personally.
  13. Those days were truly terrifying, but now my liver is safe and Chicken Man has returned to his non-chicken self again.
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