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  1. You can get 2nd hand Gamecubes for about 25 now. So you might wanna re-think that price.
  2. Thomman Shortscale Bass / Black Ideal for beginners I'm not too sure about all the specs. I bought it for 60 online, lookin for 25 ONO Leave a reply or PM if interested, Thanks
  3. I have a Line 6 POD for sale. I'm not sure as to which model it is, but I think it's the 2nd most up to date one. No manual, just the unit & power cables included. (it's fairly user friendly so if you've used a guitar amp, you can figure this out without much trouble) Looking for 60 ONO Cheers, Andy
  4. Non Student / Male / 20 Can afford around 250 - 300 PM My lease ends on the 7th August and I'm looking for somewhere new. Not too fussy about gender, sexuality or any of the rest of it. Just lookin to share with anyone half decent who has a room on the go. Cheers, Andy
  5. It's a bit whacky, but I agree that it's pretty neat.
  6. Megadeth - United Abominations The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts
  7. I'm dead impressed. I quite liked the free MP3s Dave put for download on the run up to this albums release - but the rest of the album craps all over them! I think it's Megadeth's best album in years! Standout tracks for me are: United Abominations, Blessed Are The Dead, Play For Blood, Amerikhastan, Burnt Ice & Washington Is Next The idea of a re-make of A Tout Le Monde absolutely disgusted me at first, but after hearing it, I actually quite like it, it's substantially different enough from the original, and holds its own in my opinion. Never Walk Alone... A Call To Arms is a bloody good track as well! Sleep Walker & Gears of War, although weaker than the above, are decent tracks in my opinion, and still fit quite nicely onto the album. The only track I can't stomache on the album is You're Dead.
  8. I'd suggest a Bare Knuckle! I just got one put in my Ibanez SZ model. I got the Steve Stevens Rebel Yell model which is an absolutely monster rock pick-up! But they have a wide range. Something like the Warpig or Nailbomb would probably sort you out for some brutal tones! Official Site: Bare Knuckle Pick-ups
  9. am not amazing but I'd be up for trying out for drums
  10. hmm mine will make everyone cringe, but ah hell In no particular order: L.A. Guns Guns N' Roses Buckcherry Megadeth Poison Helloween Hardcore Superstar Hanoi Rocks (& Michael Monroe Solo) Crashdiet Hank III
  11. I was listening to that earlier today. Only found out about Abominations yesterday! So all the albums have been on today! P.S. I saw Element's set at Kef the other week, it's not really my thing, but fuck can you and the boy James fuckin' play! That was some nice fret work man
  12. I like Sleep Walker. It does sound a little recycled, but I still like it. I much prefer Gears Of War though, I think that's a fantastic track
  13. I've heard a couple of tracks off of the new album now (Sleep Walker & Gears of War). Sounding the tits in my opinion! Can't wait for it! Release day is 14th May wooo!!!
  14. I really like both of the tracks on there. Impressed. Very solid instrumental performances & the vocals are outstanding. I can see you guys going far. I'll need to come check out a gig at some point. You guys got an EP out yet?
  15. Hahahaha wtf.... pretty random lads, but catchy
  16. From what I've always gathered, if you own a CD, you have the right to make as many copies as you like for personal use: e.g. burn an extra copy to listen to in the car or something - so long as you own the original disc. So, going on that principal, I'd say it SHOULD be legal, but couldn't tell ya for sure. But I'm pretty sure it ISN'T illeagal to download MP3s for a trial period of 24 hours, so just burn your ripped MP3s onto a disc, and delete them off your computer and you should be clean as a whislte, with a nice shiney new copy of the album. Mick
  17. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ Right, it's come to our attention that a certain ex- band member (who will remain nameless) has been spinning a lot of shit about the band. The departure of our last singer wasn't a pleasant one, and there is blame on both sides for that. I just want to remind anyone who might have been put off, that there is always 2 sides to a story & to give us a chance despite anything you might have heard. Giving the band a wide bearth over 1 biased opinion seems harldy fair, no? All I'm asking is, decide for yourself whether we match the unfair allegations thrown at us. Cheers, Mick
  18. Dragstrip Ragdolls are currently searching for a Lead Vocalist to complete the existing line-up! If you fancy yourself behind the mic, drop us a message on our Myspace: Dragstrip Ragdolls Myspace, drop us an email at: dsrd@hotmail.co.uk, or simply drop us a reply here. ~ Mick, Acey, Dizzy, Styx
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