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effective ways of getting people out of bed


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At Hillhead in first year, me and my next door neighbour were the MASTERS of this. Anytime we were up before our mates and were really bored, we'd go to their door, set Pete's 100W amp up, plug a mike in, turn it up to 11 and shout 'LOBS! GET THE FUCK UP!' relentlessly whilst filming the whole thing for posterity, including their (usually) furious reaction when they come to the door.

We got bored of that so Pete started playing 'classic' rock riffs on his Les Paul. Still got loads of videos of waking people up, absolutely hillarious if anyone wants to see them.

Mike :)

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put a cloth in a bowl of water and ice till it is freezing, and then put it on their head. or play teh happy tree friends theme tune loud, on repeat. OR.....slap them really hard.

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