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  1. I have an MXR Dime distortion that I'd sell you, it's pretty harsh and a bit "fizzy" in the high end, but still tons of grunt for palm muting and the like...
  2. Line 6 Spider II 210 - 150 MXR Dimebag Distortion (US model but I have the power transformer) - 50 Boss Metal Zone - 20 PM, Reply, nail cash to my front door, whatever.
  3. Surely that means they're just going to start filling the backgrounds with blurry pictures of flowers and sailboats. Nothing to worry about.
  4. That makes sense, functionality and all that. Why the hell would you need 225 pages of sample text, though? Surely one would suffice.
  5. It's an unwritten law of the universe that no matter how obscure and unique your shoes are, as soon as you're denied entry anywhere on their account someone with the exact same pair will saunter past you and get in. I've seen this happen millions of times, and it always makes my head feel a bit funny.
  6. What the hell, Cloud. What the hell.
  7. Actually, I'm fairly sure all these things happen in lots of western cultures. Also, you're an idiot.
  8. Trivium's cover sounds EXACTLY like the original being played too loud on a cd player with busted speakers. They should've just gone ahead and named the cd "Everything that's embarassingly wrong with Kerrang, Volume one."
  9. Went for the protests, stayed for the KKKickline.
  10. Oh. In that case, you should find a soundclip of Corporal Jones yelling "Don't Panic!" and loop it over and over. Bonus points for setting it to a funky drum 'n bass backing beat.
  11. You could always sit around Watching News 24 with a tape recorder. You could even record absurb "and finally..." stories and use them as lead-in material! But seriously, "mock news broadcast"? Is this the class where you learn how to apologise to families of people you leave your watch inside, or what?
  12. It's very high on my "Things to read when I someday finish reading Atlas Shrugged" list. Oh Ayn Rand, you and your novelty oversized books.
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