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  1. the interview with twatface oilver just confirmed everything I've ever thought about him was great to see Hammond looking so well...even getting a hug from Clarkson...the roadworks challenge was genius as well new series should be good
  2. why not try scalloping it yourself..whats the worst that could happen?
  3. those "steel ridges" are fret markers...as in a fretless bass with a lined fretboard... not an unheard of concept I can assure you
  4. Yamaha RBX270F fretless electric bass.... Had it for about 1 year/18 months fairly good condition - some minor scratches/marks selling due to lack of use.. 75-85??
  5. thats a real loss...stuff he did with steve gadd and chick corea in the 70s was bloomin ace.. RIP
  6. recently read Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess....after liking the film for so long..thought I should give it a try..I can't reccommend it enough.. now re-reading Hunter S Thompson's autobiography "Kingdom of Fear"...which is also brilliant...
  7. Ruin/11th Hour/Omerta by Lamb of God The Unforgiven by Metallica Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Paul Gilbert
  8. i'll keep it short and sweet... amazing guitar there...can't deny I'm jealous... looks absolutely shit hot... nice to know an aberdonian has one of 6 in the UK... well done 8-)
  9. calling on huey all night broke down the brown door and painted it white on the way out....
  10. 1 - Jimi Hendrix (ranks above anyone in my mind) 2 - Frank Zappa 3 - Dave Gilmour 4 - Peter Green 5 - Joe Satriani
  11. my only response to the whole pick vs. fingers argument... if the ox used both..then surely they're both valid?? my current top 3 that have influenced me the most overall..... Les Claypool Jaco John Entwistle
  12. looks like I'm jumping on the ashdown bandwagon as well...I've had my combo for a year or so...comparitively cheap and amazing tone.....and yes..the built in octaver is a piece of shit..but just ignore it...
  13. the guys an absolute monster...tapping on a fanned fret 10 string...shame his music is pish tho....
  14. Personally, I've always found YYZ much more do-able than Donna Lee....maybe thats just me..
  15. every now and then I'll try and perfect that song's bass part...but it generally ends up in me screaming in rage...Geddy Lee is an absolute god...shame about his voice though... I challenge any bassist here to try Donna Lee by Jaco Pastrious...
  16. or if jazz-funk makes you queasy.... both albums are staples of my life either way 8)
  17. I've got one of the Project Debuts (in boring black I'm afraid), and they're ace...provided you don't mind a bit of setting up once it arrives...
  18. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AM-DENMARK-VINYL-RECORD-CLEANER-FLUID-FREE-CLOTH_W0QQitemZ110024631589QQihZ001QQcategoryZ52473QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem good stuff.....
  19. Soon to be moving away to uni, and doubting my current amp would fit in a poky halls bedroom.. looking for something a bit smaller, a sort of practise/medium sized combo amp, it doesn't have to be gig worthy, as long as it has decent(ish) sound quality and it's in semi-decent condition... I'd be wiling to spend about 150max I think...but I am up for haggling.. cheers.. Andrew
  20. I'm very very up for that!!! I play bass and drums...18 years old I'm leaving aberdeen in early september..but still would be up for a jam before then..
  21. Lou?!?! in a massive Catholic orgy...with his back?!?! are you insane?!?! I think Karl would be much more suitable..he is getting all the groupies after all... plus his woman is a nude-swimming-swinger so she'd be up for it as well win win win
  22. has he always had those gorgeous sideburns? 8)
  23. ohhh yes! 'mon stingray!!! boyd is even more of a moron for marrying that trailer trash idiot...Max is right.. I mean its been clear the neighbours writers have been struggling a bit lately..but come on...Carmela as a nun?!??! I'd pay some serious money for the return of the beer swilling-woman perving evil harold..
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