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  1. There's gonna be a lot of people finding out the power of beer goggles if this takes off.
  2. Anything you'd be willing to exchange for one?
  3. In case ya can't figure it out, this is going down tonight. Doors at 8. 80's electro pop band Dystopia also supporting.
  4. Tomorrow night. I hate that @ in the subject.
  5. Debassed are returning to the stage on Tuesday 2nd June. After over a year hiatus, and 6 months extensive guitar training, we're back with new songs and new moves! "Ho!" I'm looking forward to checking out Semper Fi - ain't heard them yet. I don't know who the other band playing are, but I'm sure they're good. Hopefully catch some of ya at Drummond's.
  6. Nazi Zombies is damned fun! Although all my mates end up getting the Ray gun and I'm usually stuck with a sawn off shotgun and a bolt action rifle. Lucky gits.
  7. He prefers COD4, and so did I to be honest, but for some reason I'm "pwnin" everyone in WaW and all my mates don't want to go back to 4. The guns were better in 4, although World at War's got some nice additions like the Second Chance revival thing - only problem is if your playing Lone Wolf then nobody bothers trying to revive you. What's your class of choice? I go with an MP40 with the dual magazine, two frags or satchel's depending on if it's a tank map, stopping power or double tap, and second chance.
  8. The main problem with everyone now knowing about the glitches is that every single time you play on Roundhouse it's a case of one team trying to get in the glitch and the other trying to defend it, so you end up with the battle taking place at one part of the map. Which is utterly pointless considering the size of some of the maps.
  9. I'm getting sick to death of glitcher's on the multiplayer. Just to warn people of the glitches: Castle - under the map at bottom right of the map. Roundhouse - under the map (can't remember where on the map). Makin - in a rock at the top of the map (along the water path, up beside the trees). File complaints about bloody glitchers too - check your XBox Live Code of Conduct and abide! Heh.
  10. Sack that - take the money!
  11. Do you get the dog back with the DLC?! I may have to pick this up again...
  12. The single player is pretty good. It's not as good as COD4 in my opinion, but I think that's because you already know how the story goes. Saying that, it's still awesome and it's got some decent achievements to try and get if you're into that (there's one where you have to assassinate a guy with a pistol instead of a sniper rifle). The multiplayer is where it comes alive though, so you may want to wait until closer to the time you're getting Live.
  13. I would, but he may then make it his mission in life to hack my account. Sad bastard.
  14. IGN: Hacked on Xbox 360: A Victim's Tale
  15. Although, with your gamertag, your name and the amount of information readily available on people at Bebo/Facebook/MySpace, etc. etc. it would be rather easy to hack accounts should someone decide to.
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