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  1. The back doors work fine, so getting equipment in and out is not a problem. The sliding door does not work at the moment, meaning people in the back have to enter/exit through the front passenger doors. It is not too much hassle, you just have to pass through between the driver and passenger seats. I don't know how much it would cost to fix, because we never bothered! We were happy to use the front doors. I will stress that this van runs great. I never had any problems with it, and we have driven some long distances. 1200 o.n.o for a 6 seat van with loads of storage space!
  2. It has 6 seats. 185K miles. 1200 rather than 1300, because the sliding side door is not funtional at the moment.
  3. I am looking to sell my Iveco Daily medium wheel base 35S11 van. Everything is in good working order. I have driven the van around the country with no problems whatsoever. Great for touring. Very reliable. Road taxed and MOT till Feb 2011. I am looking for 1300 ono. If you want to come and check it out sometime, PM me. Cheers
  4. I understand that keeping the name 'secret' is a little strange! If any one is seriously interested, just fire me a PM. Cheers.
  5. I should also mention that we are all friendly and chilled out people. Although the first post was pretty serious, we have great fun playing in the band and hope you will too!
  6. Heh heh, we already have one driver. It would be good to have some one else who can share the driving if we'r going to be up and down the country!
  7. Hello, We are currently looking for a guitarist to join our band. We play indie rock music - similar I guess to the likes of Nada Surf, Frightened Rabbit, Band Of Horses and The Shins. We will be touring ALOT throughout the year, and also appearing at a number of festivals in the UK. You must be able to commit, as a lot of time will be spent on the road in a van + sleeping on people's floors/tents!!! It is an exciting time to be in our band, so I am sure you will have fun Here is the horrible part where I have to state what we'd like our new member to be: Male between 20-25 years Able to drive Experience gigging Good on guitar PM me if you are interested, Thanks!
  8. Hey there, Looking for faulty xbox 360s for spare parts. If any one would like to give me theirs instead of chucking it in the bin, that would b great! Please PM me. Thanks.
  9. Hey there, anyone got some old aggressive rollerblades they fancy selling? Size 10/11 or 5/6? I love the old salomon ones they were ace! Cheers!
  10. hahahaha, i'm using my brothers. I want one for my own room though!
  11. I don't suppose anyone has an old pc kicking around they want rid of? I just want something for browsing the net really. Cheers!
  12. Thanks! If any one out there is up for it please get in touch! We are all really laid back people so should be easy to get along with
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