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Guest bluesxman
Denim shirts... also utter rubbish.


I feel so uncool now. Damn. Well if it's good enough for Dave Grohl i'll decide to disagree cos i've seen him wearing my shirt in a pic. :]

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Guest bluesxman
It's a man/grubby middle aged women thing.

My boyfriend has one.

hate it!

He never wears it when I'm around though :D one of my good mates at school had one and wore it constantly... flapping and open. It was an eyesore...

Aye, making them look good's a fine art ;) what style of shirt, what trousers to wear them with, the list is endless, ha ha. Wearing open sounds shit. Unless a very cool T shirt is underneath....why is it only 'grubby middle aged women' that are applicable - women in fitted denim shirts can look very fine....

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Guest bluesxman
Male ones always look rubbish... floating about.. rubbish.

Uh uh' date=' my Levi's one is great. And my One True Saxon one. And my Carharrt one. All different. None 'float about'.

NEVER wear it open. It WILL make you look fat/[b']weird and bandy - in a rubber band way... not a musical band way.

That is the most bizarre description i've heard in a bit - please explain further... :D

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