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  1. Time Machine

    Spacemen 3 t-shirts anyone?

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on one? Would like 'For All The F*cked Up Children Of The World' one, but can't find any!!! Cheers!
  2. Time Machine

    The Official "Best gig I've been to" Thread 2007

    Gee whizz, not been on this site for ages. Been to a lot, but off the top of my head I would have to say Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at King Tut's in March - superb. Must also mention The Brian Jonestown Massacre at T In The Park - only getting to play for 30 mins though - ridiculous. Great entertainment however.
  3. Time Machine

    The View - What the f*ck is that all about

    I think 'The Don' is a great pop tune, and personally, who gives a sh1te if it sounds really simple. It 's a great wee story, a reflection of their lives growing up. You've got to remember where these boys come from etc. Music has given them a way out, and I personally think it's cool as fook. I'm as harsh a music critic as the next man, but hats off to them I say - (no pun intended!). Saw them in the tent at T last year, it was the most mental half an hour of the weekend. Selling out venues and touring with ace bands or working for a living? Know what I'd rather do..........
  4. Time Machine

    Worst/Best band name ever?

    My Latest Novel is a shocking name for a band.
  5. Time Machine

    Favourite Compilation CD?

    Like A Daydream: A Shoegazing Guide
  6. Time Machine

    Panda Eyes

    The last tune sounds like 'Close My Eyes' by Ride "Last night I had such a good time, but there's a price to pay, a night full of kicks, now the sun's in my eyes and i feel so weary today, I want to close my eyes....."
  7. Time Machine

    Five For Today

    Ah, my creation returns to the first page! It's been a while, so here goes: 1. Crushed - The Brian Jonestown Massacre 2. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane 3. When The Sun Hits - Slowdive 4. My White Devil - Echo & The Bunnymen 5. In A Different Place - Ride
  8. Time Machine


    I hope you're having a giraffe, mate.
  9. Time Machine

    good records that you have bought recently...

    Bought heaps but the best two are easily: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - 'Methadrone'. It's got everything. The song 'Crushed' is absolutely glorious. Best band I've ever seen live. Complete wall of sound. Like nothing I've ever heard. Jefferson Airplane - 'Surrealistic Pillow' Yeah, so it was spawned from the Summer Of Love and is a bit hippy but hey. 'Somebody To Love' and 'White Rabbit' are unreal. FEED YOUR HEAD!!!!!!
  10. Time Machine

    favorite album of all time?

    F**k all that genre pish! The Stone Roses debut every time!
  11. I've got 2 Babyshambles tickets for sale for the re-arranged date in Glasgow, can't go now. 20 each.
  12. Time Machine

    Just been to one of the best gigs of my life...

    It was a decent length of set, no encore. They had the most mental rock n roll jam at the end though. The song's called 'Feel It', felt like it went on for about 20 mins, loud as! Nae sure about the set-list, I'm sure you'll find it if you hae good rake on t'internet!
  13. Time Machine

    Just been to one of the best gigs of my life...

    During a jam out at the end of one of the tunes Anton started singing "I've seen this happen in other people's lives and now it's happening in mine" from 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' by The Smiths, possibly the best part of the gig!
  14. Travelled down to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Newcastle on Friday night. What a gig, what a sound! Anton was in great form. Went to an aftershow party at some cool club that played the best 60s garage music that I've ever heard. Ended up chatting to the guitarist about Ride, Slowdive and Spacemen 3. Cool as. Great live band. Check them out if you're into that kinda thing. Inspirational. 8-)
  15. Time Machine

    The View, this lunchtime

    I think they're ace. Great wee gig. The spirit of rock n' roll lives on. Proper gang! Anyone who sings "You've got a house in the (Broughty) Ferry, and a new guitar that's never been played before" gets pass marks in my book! The cover of Squeeze's 'Up The Junction' on the new single is brilliant. 8-)