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  1. boo! anyway my cymbals are probably better
  2. ideal for starter or for practice i guess, not had alot of use by me. currently stacked away and i need rid before i move flat in a few weeks, no digi camera but it is this kit Session Pro 5 Piece Drum Kit Blue though mine will come with zildjian ZBT cymbals and hi hats ( with zildjian carry case for cymbals and sticks) so better than the usual crap cymbals pretty good deal eh? pm me for number or details, you will need to pick up, i live just off king street tho. 100 on the nose and its yours.
  3. touche! im somewhat lacking in that department.
  4. uh oh, haha, i think my grammar is pretty good. AND i sent pics, what more can you ask for really
  5. haha, true. over excitement gets the better of me sometimes.
  6. i need a flat!!! pm me!!! and no im not a mentalist, just a crap barman!!!
  7. true oder false??? no sign of this anywhere. is it happening?
  8. second best is better than nothing i suppose... but im working sunday night anyway was thinking about both of those actually. might go to gallows. not sure though.
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