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  1. First Class (lounges & on-board) vary lots from station to station and depending on train company. Snack products vary over time "to keep choices fresh & interesting".On Scotrail Express trains you're theoretically entitled to two snacks & two drinks for full Aberdeen-Edin/Glasgow/Inverness. Anything more than that is trolley dolly's discretion which basically means unless you're a dick you'll get extras to whatever you want if they've got enough (and/or can manage repeat services). Trolley's have complimentary coffee, decaff, breakfast tea, earl grey & peppermint tea; hot chocolate, still water & orange juice; shortbread & fruit cocktail pots and usually chinois & pretzels. And, currently mini-eggs...
  2. I once wrote a script that auto-deleted any post with "who|why", "deleted", "post" and a question mark in it. Good Times™
  4. "The Coolest Way to Die You Can Imagine" is a whole entire thread topic (movie industry) to itself.
  5. waiting in a supermarket queue with (nothing but) bumper pack of value brand toilet roll carrying that wee baggy of dog poop to the bin after scooping having a Scottish complexion and taking your top off on sunny days
  6. I'm thinking 18 pages was a low estimate.
  7. The Caledonian Sleeper is done by Scotrail, there are no other sleeper trains in the UK. If you're on your own and want a berth then you'll share with someone of the same sex unless it's quiet (it's never predictably quiet). You can pay extra to have sole occupancy. The seated coach isn't that much different than taking the bus once you're actually settled down for the night and you'll only know from experience which you personally can get better rest in. Try not to book the sleeper using anywhere other than scotrail website though as other train companies' software doesn't give all the options. Caledonian Sleeper trains, sleeper train London to Scotland ScotRail - ScotRail (me, I'd book far in advance to get a cheap private berth)
  8. You'll often find that there's a critical mass of submissions after which it's by easier for staff to tidy the spam and inappropriate items that get through rather than pre-moderate EVERYTHING! (Especially if membership helps flag spam/dupes/etc.) Maybe aberdeen-music has reached that point?
  9. So, like, do people have different tastes in music or something? This is mind blowing stuff. I only came here looking for photos from the gig btw, disappointed. Found some on Flickr though, best set at Flickr: Archive of Jade Esson's uploads to Flickr on 17th August 2010 And also.
  10. OBV less strict about topic drift here than "Pictures that made you LOL" I reckon (many, not all) folk like students who are buying "what's the cheapest vodka you've got" are just recognising that once you've added the too watery or too syrupy coke and glassful of ice there really isn't much nuances left to appreciate in taste even if you were interested. And of course, even if you only need four or five voddies to get the gumption up to dance in front of people or talk to interesting strangers in a club; buying them at a quid a go rather than 2.60 is a fair saving. That difference can mean affording a good enough cheap night out (club entry, alcohol to loosen up & chill out, maybe taxi home) or staying in watching TV. (Yes, lots of folk in the UK do go out to get drunk as they can, but it's good to mention the other side & not tar all!)
  11. "Spelling incorrectly to try and be ironic", how applawling.
  12. My lasting memory of The Bassment will be asking a barman if they had wifi and off he went to check the obscure liqueur bottles. Simpler Times.
  13. When I wandered past this afternoon the doors were shut with a wooden bar screwed over the gap. I'm thinking that's not a good sign for it remaining open. Which makes me wonder about it being just down to noise complaints. My only lasting memory of Bassment was asking a barman if they had wifi and he went off to check the liqueur bottles. Simpler times.
  14. I know that on other forums if you change email address you have to reconfirm it - did you get an email with authorisation link? (Checked spam folder for it?)
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