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  1. I'm selling ALL of my CDs! There's a list in the following link: Anti-Climaxes and Non-Events I'd like 2 or 3 each, less for the obviously shitey ones, bit more for the ones that are obviously worth more, and of course if you want a bunch you'll get them cheaper. Email me at soph.m@live.co.uk if you want something. Thankyouplease.
  2. Hi, this has fuck all to do with music but maybe someone has what I need. I'm getting a bunny and I need an indoor house for him. I'll pay up to about 30ish for one. Please make my joy complete!
  3. I've got a spare room in my flat in one of the highrises across from Lidl on King St., near Seaton. 30 seconds walk from 1&2 bus stop, 5 mins walk from Aberdeen Uni. Quiet block, mostly old people and families. Clean place. I'm nice and I talk lots. I don't smoke in my flat. 70/week including bills, etc. Anyone fancy it?
  4. I asked if anyone wanted it on here ages ago, but to not much response. I put it on eBay today... Yamaha Silent electric Violin SV-100 brown w/case on eBay, also, Violin, String, Musical Instruments (end time 18-Apr-09 16:29:53 BST)
  5. Yesyes. A good gig by Onion Terror in The Moorings last night!
  6. Hi hi, does anyone want a Yamaha Silent Violin? It's in perfect condition, got all the cables and stuff that came with it, etc. It's exactly like the one in the eBay link below. Could give you a case, no bow though They're asking 486 on eBay I think, they're all the same price and from the US, so postage would be a killer. I'd want about 400 for mine. Want rid because I've had it for years and never really play it so I feel wasteful. And my overdraft's nearly maxed out Takers? Yamaha SV-130 Silent Electric Red 4/4 Violin Outfit on eBay, also Electric, Violin, String, Musical Instruments (end time 28-Dec-08 14:43:31 GMT)
  7. Sold to Teabags last night Thankyouplease.
  8. A couple of you are interested I see... I'll be home tonight. If anyone would be able to pick it up, that'd be simply smashing :] If you want to give me some cashlings for it too, that'd be ace, 'cause I'm skint as foowk and need a trip to Lidl. Ta. Soph
  9. My computer at home's minced so I have to use a lab at uni. I took pictures on my phone, but I didn't take the data cable with me. I could've bluetoothed the pics to a Mac here at uni, only some dickheid lecturer demanded I leave his domain. So no pictures today unfortunately. Sorry sir. Oh, but I found this... it's not great but it'll give you an idea of what it looks like... MySpace.com - Ewan Newish Photos - Photo 1 of 4 Hope that works okay. Pictures tomorrow, promise!
  10. Calm is good... The organ is well good and looks so retro and that. You'll see! Yeah I'll stick up some pics tomorrow. Ta Soph
  11. Calm yersel! Just wanted to see if anyone was interested first. I'll get some tonight and upload them tomorrow.
  12. I've got an electric organ made by Organum (couldn't find anything about it on Google or Wikipedia...) that my ex bought and left behind in my spare room. I don't know enough about it to explain it very well... It looks like it was made in the 60s or 70s and it makes some cool noises. It's in good nick and works and everything. It was bought last December from British Heart Foundation for 60, but if you're able to pick it up you can just have it (or you can give me a kind donation if you like ) Thanks Soph
  13. Last year my beautiful white Mongoose got nicked, so I bought a cheap chrome GT, but it's a bit shite. So I would like a better one now. Anyone got a BMX to sell? Ta Soph.
  14. No, pretty sure it said it's at Snafu... Thanks anyway :]
  15. I saw a poster last week in the old Retro Rebel's window advertising a Rockabilly night at Snafu sometime this weekend. Can't remember which night it is though, and can't seem to find anything on the Snafu site or on a-m.com. Anyone know anything about it? Ta. Soph
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