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Greggs vs Subway


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Having now visited the much-lauded establishment that I Greggs while down in Glasgow over the last few days and greatly enjoyed my 'American Deli' sandwich [and also the swift herding of customers round the queue :D] from there I turn a discussion that I had last night over to The Wasteland.

I haven't been to Subway yet. Can anyone confirm or deny that it is better than the lunch-time utopia that is Greggs?

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Guest Logan

I don't get the whole subway thing.

I went in there welcomed with all these different ingridients and I came out with ham and cheese!

the point of this post?

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If you're afraid of Subway sandwich

1/ walk in

2/ Order:

One footlong BMT with all the salad and jalapenos, extra peppers, a dash of salt and pepper topped with a half handful of olices and chipolate southwest sauce.

3/ Pay

4/ Eat

5/ M******ate

6/ Love it!

7/ Leave

(Not Birdman)

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i do enjoy subway now and again (meatball subs are delicious) but having been introduced to the wonders of thai chicken' date=' peanut butter and minced chillis from beautiful mountain, i'm now a fully fledged convert and will go there over subway any day.[/quote']

A wildcard thrown into the ring!

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Beautiful Mountain is a rip off. I went there for a 2 soups, 2 sandwiches, a coke and fresh orange juice with my dad and it came to something like 18. I was enticed by the green thai chicken and although it tasted ok there was probably only about a table spoons worth of filling in it and it was 4. Took ages to be served too.

Mind you this was upstairs, maybe it's different in the takeaway bit.

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Although I like beautiful mountain... it's not particularly good for people like me (fear of dressings, mayo and salad cream). I can understand why it's great and I realise my disability is my own fault...

However... with Subway.... this is now issue... as disabled as I am with sandwiches...I can fill my sandwich the brim and actual be able to eat it without jumping away in fear - see mayo reference.

Jewsters just has delish Spicy chicken and lettuce.... AND CHERRY 7UP!!!!


I would like to try Gregg's. It sounds striking.

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greggs is a grand place to get some food. a chicken and mayo big softie is a fine purchase and the flour from the roll goes all over your face which provides no end of entertainment. also, sausage rolls are super cheap, and driping with grease, which is the true sign of a hearty meal.

subway is ace too. we had a subway card with 3 footlongs for a tenner which we used every sunday for year. southwest steak and cheese or meatball subs are works of art.

both tremendous, it's a hard call but i think i might swing the way of greggs because of the pie content.


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Subway is complete and utter mince. Phat Tom dragged me there one day, and I was astounded by how patronising the whole scenario was. The staff acted as if they had PH-fucking-D's in sandwich making in a "My knowledge on these poncy ingredients is vastly superior to yours" kind of way.

Being 21, I'm also old enough to be the father of each and every Subway employee. Mmm, child labour.

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Only in my opinion - but there is no comparison between Greggs and Subway. Subway is the ultimate; comparing it to Greggs is like comparing Stonehaven to New York.

For your money, I believe you get a lot more from Subway. Greggs is sometimes ok (I live above a Greggs), but I can't stomach all the grease...eugh. When I'm hungover I don't complain though. I love Subways, but yeah sometimes the staff can make a dodgy sandwich. If made properly though, mmm all those salads, meats, sauces etc. yum yum...

Again only in my opinion. :D

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