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  1. Ok heres the deal. 2 Saturday day tickets with a value of 68.50 each. Selling the pair for 90 Any takers please PM me, leave your phone numberr and name and I will be sure to give you a call. Will be checking my PM's all day.
  2. 50 before it goes on the bay? I'll throw in some blank dvds and the simpsons season 8 boxset
  3. Brand new sony RDR-GX120 DVD recorder Brand new, I've used it once and that was just to test it. Perfect working condition, I bought it for 120 all i'm looking for it is 60 - 70 I'll even throw in some blank dvds to sweeten the deal. If interested please PM or email me at thephilreid@gmail.com Skittles
  4. thats some deep shit man. i heard there was some crazy mathematical shit going on! it seems to make a lot of sense what you've said. need to hear those songs together!!!!
  5. Lordi are on the eurovision???????????????? fuckin hell!!!!! gotta see this
  6. I spent about 10 minutes cutting out that girl
  7. PS2 Remote Control & PS2 Games - no with more selections PS2 DVD Remote Control Only been used to test how it works, I don't need it, never watch DVDs on my PS2. It's a brighter shade of silver than is in the picture. Im hoping for 4 if not it's sound i'm sure we can work out a reasonable price. Its a great thing to have if your dvd player goes on the blink or you just want to watch movies on the old faithful PS2. PS2 Games Alias - 3 The Sims - 3- SOLD True Crime - Streets of LA - 3 GTA 3 - 3 GTA - Vice City - 3 WWE Smackdown - Just Bring It! - 3 WWE Smackdown - Shut Your Mouth! - 3 WWE Smackdown - Here Comes The Pain - 3 WWE Smackdown vs Raw - 4 Tony Hawks Underground - 3 Tony Hawks Underground 2 - 4 The Punisher - 3 Corvette Racing - 1 Fightbox - 1 The Getaway - 3 Driver 3 - 3 Max Payne - 2 Stuntman - 3 Pro Evo 3 - 3 All games are in great condishhh, and of course prices of the games are negotionable at reasonable offers. I also have some DVDs to go with the remote - genius Futurama Season 2 - 6- SOLD Futurama Season 3 - 6 Reservoir Dogs - 3 Trapped - 1 Spiderman (Double Disc Set) - 4 Pulp Fiction (Double Disc Set) - 4 Monster - 3 The Butterfly Effect - 3 Shades - 1 The Search For One Eyed Jimmy (Honestly isn't a porno, it's a steve buscemi film) - 2- SOLD Shaun Of The Dead - 3- SOLD ECW - The Best Of: Guilty As Charged - 3 The Warriors - 4 Grand Theft Auto - 3 Dazed and Confused - 4 Sweet Sixteen (also not a porno) - 3 Celebrity - 3 Spaced - Series 1 - 5 Again all DVDs MINT condition and pirces and negotionable. Drop me a PM if your interested in anything, I live in town so meet ups in town are easy and good. Drop me a PM.
  8. I actually quite enjoyed that show on a sunday morning on e4 or whatever channel it was on, easy veiwing for folk like myself who try to figure out who the fuck they are on a sunday morning.
  9. where on union street lewis? i have a friend who may be interested I'll give you a call next time i see her
  10. i hate these threads get off your pc and your arse and find your own job you fucking what?
  11. Irecommend that for vob files aswell:up:
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