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Apples are hard to eat.

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Guest *alex*

Apples are far too big to fit in your mouth and too hard...so i bought this nifty apple slicer thing...and it's like a circle with cross sections that you just place over the apple and push down and it cuts it into segments and removes the core..which means, eating the apple is easier, but you don't have to put much effort into the slicing. :)

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Another alternative is buying a juicer. Yeah its a pain in the ass having to chop up apples and they are a bastard to keep clean (unless you have tiny fingers) but you can get about 4 apples per glass, which is more healthier than physically eating 4 apples...plus it tastes great, mix in some pears and shit too... juicer, not blender....

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I love apples, they are the yum :D

One time a few months ago i was sick though, after i'd eaten an apple and because i didnt munch it up very well the chunks of apple kept getting stuck in my throat on their way back up and making me choke, wasn't a very nice experience at all :(

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its the same with gum.

but apples are delicious. granny smtihs are too hard and taste like pee anyways. stick to golden delicious or gala apples they da bomb girl.

i found i can eat all the way round a standard apple in three bits- AND eating pretty much down to the core in the process. get down with my bad self.

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I also have sharp nashers and a big gob... it helps.
far too big to fit in your mouth and too hard
making me choke

*snickers on behalf of haigyman* :p

I had this same problem with an orange I bought a while ago - I couldn't be arsed eating it after spending bloody ages trying to get into the bastarding thing.

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