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  1. but goddaamn it tastes goooooooooood
  2. Robyn


    its not too cloudy here..which is cool...we were gona drive up to the lecht and watch it but we went to the pub instead. It's not actually bigger anyway..just an optical illusion...still.. bet it was pretty!
  3. but did you now just wana die when sam was pretendin she was gettin herself off in the box???? god im glad shes gone!
  4. any good? I picked up the new finch album the other day...s'alright...not GREAT but alright.
  5. just called my boy and told him to pick it up on the way home from work woohoo! cant wait till he gets home now!
  6. aye but is it in shops cuz i want it today
  7. Anyone know if the new album is out yet?? I want to go buy it but cant be bothered trekking all the way to the shops if its not out!
  8. my god queer as folk was ace!! can you buy it on dvd????
  9. yes it would haha! think i mat go watch PM now...unless my boy has lent it out..as he does...GRR!
  10. im tryin to decide what to make you get im thinkin......a bunny or the face of david blunkett.....am i mean??
  11. me cuz he knows i'll make him get tattoes....dunno bout the other one..
  12. it reminds me of the film Party Monster.... he just looks so weird off doin his shopping!
  13. yay! Come to Inverness and i'll make you get a tattoo at Highland
  14. i wana meet (in no particular order) Logan Harleyquinn Alkaline Jimmy Jazz Keira Connie Hog Cloud JME Princess Holly Paranoid Android Tony Marlin Gumpy Rach_69 all the people in my "whos sexy" post and you..whoever you are
  15. haha Adam Ricketts video is on ch4....i forgot how bad it was! "when you're near me..i breathe again" man i hate soap stars turned popstars....they are just a SHAM (dont count kylie.....just dont)
  17. they all suck.......but this task is funny
  18. gotta agree with you there...but i do it nearly every day so it CAN get repetitive!
  19. im addicted to findin pics now! more more more how do ya like it how do ya like it?
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