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  1. hey man, yeah still for sale/trade and i stay in central aberdeen
  2. loved vessels and asiwyfa but oceansize really made some dire choices on their set... unfamliar was insanely good but missed out so many of their great songs, not too chuft.
  3. bump few badly recorded, new songs up
  4. Hey guys, recently lost the use of our drummer and thinking a new guitarist would help too so looking for both really... check out Errol Street Invitational on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads for an idea of what we're like but we're pretty open to all types of music so anythings welcome, would be good if both could sing a bit and have a good sense of how to put a song together
  5. cant wait, was just checking out the ticketweb site and for the delivery options could i just choose box office collection and take me card down to the tunnels? cheers guys x
  6. hey man, still really unsure how much its worth... any idea?
  7. totally agree all of frames, you wish, amputee, new pin and homage! would make my year!
  8. no way i've always wanted to be in an excellent band!
  9. I found some of the x-files episodes scarier than most horror films i've seen but for movies i thought event horrizon was pretty terrifying when i was younger... watched it lately and it seems to have lost its edge, guy from jurassic park with his eyes pulled out... just wild.
  10. didn't manage to get it sold, anyone else? feel it deserves a good home
  11. cant wait, stoked to be playing with you guys... should be an awesome night!
  12. sexy nate, gonna hve to come check you guys out
  13. Managed to get a few pictures, camera is pretty old so not the best quality. Should have it in town within the week so feel free to come round and check it out.
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