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  1. Can you not pay by card at the machines? Thats how I remember paying the last time I was there. It is alot easier than messing around with change. I agree on it being a total rip off though.
  2. Fish tycoon. So addictive! Better than having real tropical fish.
  3. All I can think about reading this is Knife Wrench! Need to cut down on the tv watching.
  4. YES! Mine hasn't even got the right postcode on it! o_O
  5. There is a blockbuster in countesswells. Or is that closing aswell?
  6. My optician said not to go to Optical Express because of a poor Which? report and also because of a number of people that she sees coming back in for glasses and various eye complaints such as 'halos' when looking at lights and dry eye. I think i'll stick with my hard contacts for now. Only got one set of eyes. BBC NEWS | Health | Laser eye consultations 'flawed'
  7. I can beat that, my dad got out of the car at traffic lights to yell at the woman behind me on her mobile phone. The lights then changed and I had to wait for him to finish ranting and get back into the car before I could go anywhere.
  8. Exactly, I have heaps of both and will not dredge through all the days takings to find people English notes. Doesn't increase profits and wastes my time and I'd could be accused of money laundering. Again, Bureax do foreign currency exhanges only.
  9. Which one do you think is foreign? The English or the Scottish? They are both GBP thus making us unable to change between the two as we do foreign currency. Also where would our profit be?
  10. People always try to change Scottish notes to English notes at the Bureau de Change where I work. Hello, we do FOREIGN currency! : |
  11. is expert the same as advanced? if so my quickest time is 198 seconds.
  12. <title>Soul-POLE Aberdeen - Classes Certainly not cheap. But it is good fun.
  13. I'd have beaten you with my feather duster again.
  14. This creepy bastard broke in to my house once while I was at home. I grabbed him and escorted him out the house and started trying to take his jacket to get my goods back but he ran across Queens' Road yelling "you fucking crazy bitch!" To which I replied "and don't you fucking come back!" Turns out he only took an old smashed rolex from my ungratetful brat era. He hasn't been back : [ . Also if you stole something why would you brag about it on the internet?
  15. I love Eagle May because I have a snapfax and they do wheat free options! Although I go there so often that they know what I'm going to order.
  16. James May of Top Gear was on my flight to Sri Lanka last month. Love Top Gear.
  17. mission failed phil! You weren't there and my tastes are too expensve! I was after some Bose ones told to buy direct from them for some killer noise reduction ones.
  18. Ooooh oohhh, Phil, do you sell more headphones than you guys have on your website!? Theres only two pairs on there! I'd like some on ear ones. And will noise cancelling ones not get me run over? Hmmm probably easier to come in. My rabbit (real rabbit, the fluffy sort) ate my headphones today. Little shit : [
  19. Haha I went to school with Skye! Hazlehead Academy not Albyn! PURE CLASS MIN
  20. I like doing the hand claps while driving
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