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Biffy Signing


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Guest spanish guitar

well compare aberdeens HMV & Virgin superstores to others throughout the UK, yeah, pretty much non existant for bands to play instore there or do signings, so this makes a pleasent change, maybe it'll give aberdeen some exposure and encourage others to come up and do the same or even play the fair city where as before they wouldnt have thought of doing so, maybe just maybe, and hmv has a bigger customer capacity and customers in general, being multi purpose and all, so it makes sense.. plus ive been waiting on two seven inches from one up for what seems like months :mad:

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I just read that wrong' date=' and thought it said Buffy and got really excited. And incredibly not only the title, but also the first message I read as Buffy and got even more excited.


Elwood (Giant Giant Buffy Freak)[/quote']

i know exactly how you feel.

except i'm a giant biffy freak too, and will therefore be getting to this one nice and early :)

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