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  1. I still can't find tickets to the Glasgow date anywhere online... ?(
  2. Exactomundo - everyone I know who did vocational degress landed good jobs straight out of Uni. It's just those of us who did wishy washy business degrees who seemed to take ages to get a good job I spent 7 months working for 12k with Business Gateway after graduation, but got something decent after that. It's taken me a good 3 years though to really be earning good money.
  3. tickets? I agree! He's awesome, but where the chuffing heck can you get tickets? Can't find them on sale for the Scottish dates any darn where...
  4. A replacement for the total pile of wank that they've released as a second album?
  5. Lets not forget the sad demise of both Lightyear and Mclusky in the past year or so. A pair of my favourite bands
  6. I didn't even hear about the show til this afternoon, by which stage it was well too fucking late! GUTTED! As of 4pm there were 147 different people selling tickets on ebay for the UK tour. Fucking bastards the lot of them.
  7. oOOoo Can we reminise about classic Neil stories too! The no-pants reading one is my favourite. Does everyone know about the time Neil decided not to wear any pants for the whole Reading weekend, and about 2 hours after the train leaving the station on the way down had a cup of coffee spilt in his crotch? My favourite game of that weekend was the "hands up who's wearing pants?" game. hehe.
  8. The charities that I work with.
  9. I thought the gig was wicked - A7 are certainly the leaders of the UK-ska/punk pack as far as i'm concerned. It was a shame to see so few people out on a Sat. night though - but then there wasn't a single poster in the bar downstairs advertising it, so i'm guessing the promotion was somewhat lacking.
  10. Yes you're right - how dare he get paid to play tennis, I mean it's only his job?!
  11. A lot of the top players do the whole clenched fist/ fist pump thing. I don't think it's arrogant or 'poof-ish' - just a reflection of the levels of concentration and intensity that they're under. And he *knows* they're better than him - have you ever heard him say otherwise? I personally feel really sorry for the guy for all the slights and shitty press he gets. He's consistently in the world top ten rankings (currently 9th), which to be fair is no easy achievement. So what if he never wins a major - who the fuck are we to criticise. What are we in the top ten world rankings of, apart from being moaney gits who only support people who win all the time?
  12. As a band, surely your booking fee is what you're getting for playing - and unless you're a signed headline band, you shouldn't really expect to get a rider in the first place - alcohol or not alcohol? But anyway, I digress. My only problem with Moshulu as a venue is that unless it has about 500 people in it, it feels empty, and I don't think that creates a good atmosphere for either the crowd or the band. Why oh why they don't use the back room for gigs like Capdown I do not know.
  13. I enjoyed it quite a lot - so probably a 7/10 for me. I would disagree with you about there being no cheesy one liners though! What about "Can you drive stick?" Bleugh! Also, I thought the only wrongly cast person was Liam Neeson. I love him normally, but I thought he was really, really crap in this part. He just stuck out like a sore thumb. Also I thought he'd pretty much just played his star wars role over again - very little effort to make it anything different. My only other complaint is that the fight sequences were cut a bit fast. It was almost impossible to tell who was who, and who was winning for most of them IMHO. Overall I though the first part of the film - the bit in Japan or wherever it was - was pretty arsey. I was glad when he returned to Gotham and the real plot began. I know it's good to have the background etc. but I thought it was a bit pretentious. The second half was ace though - I thought Katie Holmes, the Scarecrow guy, and the good cop were all excelently cast. Michael Cane was brilliant also - his one liners had the cinema in stitches. Morgan Freeman - what a legend. The crack about Bruce Wayne needing the antidote in spray form, to which Bruce replied something about "You know, you're at a party, someone's passing about an airbourne hallucinogenic...." was the highlight of the film for me. Worth going to see, but not as good as Sin City.
  14. I have one standing ticklet to tonights weezer gig at the carling academy up for grabs (face value). Any takers? PM Me. Sorry for posting this here - but as you can see it's a bit last minute.
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