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  1. Intellectual property rights have been frowned upon ever since their inception. Look at Shakespeare and King Lear; his entire play drew its ideas from Geoffrey of Monmouth's personal account. I think that it is a pity that instead of seeking a compromise the law seeks rather to make examples of people (and their are several much more adequate means of prosecution). And it isn't fair! That's what the argument here consists of; two polar perspectives which would be better to take each idea and build a compromise. But if you're happy saying that intellectual property rights ought to be stiffly imposed then go for it. It just makes me sad.
  2. My thoughts are that I spend enough on cds some of the time that the multitude of downloads I take are all practically paid for. Music is overpriced and we are essentially paying for a very cheaply made but expensively marketed piece of music which ought to represent itself. I find it better to have the opportunity to listen to music beforehand because I don't work to have stacks of albums I like only moderately.
  3. Rilo Kiley's Take-Offs and Landings got a 4. I just don't respect Pitchfork as a whole. They have some good writers part of the time though. As for the Boredoms I am happy to say that they were not to me what they were to everyone else. But as everyone else has defended it, it is after all the listener who understands when he most wants to. Not to my taste but I won't disagree that it seemed an experience for the rest of the audience. Sorry if the initial post was abrupt, but I was quite curious as to how people saw the show.
  4. I am quite sure I explained that. Because I was disappointed...
  5. See, here's what's on my mind. Everyone I ask seems to have quite like them but no-one has anything to say. That in itself is a disappointment. So if someone went to see the show could they please reply with words non-inlusive of: "brilliant", "amazing", "really loud", "they had three drumkits", or "did you see the theramin that doubled as a lightbulb".
  6. The epitomy of boredom? I really just like dominoes...
  7. Have been listening to Hearts by Kylie for review but I don't find it to be very remarkable. Though I love Kylie so I will give it some time
  8. hello there, i would like to start singing and making things. i decided that after all this time it might be a good idea. i play the clarinet and harmonica and also sing quite well and don't appreciate traditional elements very much unless they are colourful or exciting. the idea came to me when listening to "it's 5" by architecture in helsinki so very much a spur of the moment. but i would very much like to do something imaginative. i enjoy writing and like being creative. i like interesting percussion and it would be nice if there was a band looking for an extra instrument or vocalist but i don't mind starting something myself (: influences are quite varied. just have a look at my profile. that's usually ok for saying what i like.
  9. My favourite album was once Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park. It lasted a fortnight and it ended by me literally throwing it out the window. "Crawling in my skin", indeed. I am very happy I found that Del Amitri "Best Of" now that I think about it. Anyway, music taste is to be cultivated. I'm sure everyone would agree with me there. I am still in the long process of finding just what kind of music I prefer. It seems that I don't really have a preference but it has to be said that "acoustic" music is genuinely the broadest genre you could ask to delve into and everyone needs a starting point.
  10. I hope the Boredoms doesn't sell out. I can't buy a ticket beforehand.
  11. In fact, if you visit last.fm or mp3.com you are sure to stumble into something you become fond of. I have to say I have made some great discoveries on the latter and the former is good for discussion/ recommendations.
  12. The Dog on Wheels E.P. by Belle and Sebastian was my starting point. Absolutely wonderful. And this topic is a very welcome change.
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