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Carson Wells - Wonderkid LP


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After a year and a half, nine songs, two recording sessions and a mountain of emails, it is with great pleasure that we can put our first album online.

This record would not exist without the hard work and patience of the following people: Ross “Bob Rock” Middlemiss, Andy Hemming, Carl Saff, Chaz Hewitt, Kyle McPartlin, Andy MacKenzie, Dan Ton., Ewan Cameron, Dany Guest, and Beth Alexander.

To them: our sincerest thanks.

A huge thank you also goes out to those who have put us on, played with us, or listened.

Everything should go off to the pressing plant this week or next, and a 12” LP will be available to buy in September for a modest sum from ourselves and the following labels:

Art For Blind

Black Lake

Cross Your Heart and Hope To DIY

Eat A Book

Thank you for listening. CW.


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Can you download the whole album from Bandcamp? Am I being thick?

I might need to buy a record player for this.

I'll hook you up with something, as you're my brother an all. Eventually you'll be able to download the whole thing for a very small amount of money.

How much were said recordings if you don't mind me asking?

Cannae mind what they are. toiletbag on here (post on page 1) can tell you.

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