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  1. sure dude, to me it sounded patronising- which I may have have mis-read as mutual admiration between buddies, which happens a lot on here- I'm sure i'm as guilty of it as anyone- but I'm blunt- ...and because this is Aberdeen everybody knows what everybody else has done it is relevant what your musical output is/was. It informs the critique. But let's get along, aye it it was a cheap dig on your past endeavours- but it was the tone that put me off. Nef C's nae fussed, I'm nae fussed- I'm sure you're nae fussed. lets move along. happy days min.
  2. ditty, charm,earnest,endearing. just me obv. u guys are bud's. nae offence. I'd say raging, with bollocks and loaf eye. different strokes. etc. if it disnae piss the artist in question off it's a non event.
  3. i think you have a real talent for promotion. went to a headache night and it was rammed. It's a great thing getting folk involved in live music, cause live music is loud, great fun and right in yer face. and yer band has bollocks, and energy. phil just in a roundabout way dissed you. thats how it read to me- in his usual wordy way. pick a fight if it's worth it. xx
  4. nae bother dude, on the coffe at the moment but keep spreading it- I marvel at your powers of promotion in relation to talent dude! EDIT! anyway, that was a dig at phil's solo effort not you're lot so slick off warrior!
  5. sound's like you're saying it's shit. what happened to your sub-labradford solo act BTW?
  6. i won't even listen to it. but it's named after a KV novel. must be guid. edit. it's guid. nae mad vox this time. sort it oot. xx
  7. eh-up. i enjoyed it a lot, mostly for the funnies. the audio/video was well slick- for a live stream, mair power to them. most of the bands were gash for my tastes- but they all sounded like themselves. the interview with jablonski was the high point for me, just hilarious. (and yes I realise his drummer died- that's sad, but the band are still pub rock shite.) production wise, great stuff- Ironside - who I like to call beardy boy fae one day removals was great, the faux american chick was a bit grating- but thats probs just me. guid fun. guid entertainment. better bands would make it better though eh? too much shit pub rock metal as far as I can see- but that's pretty much the label's remit. I enjoyed it though. xxx
  8. Is there a download/link for members of the press? hit meh.
  9. I should take up golf. this is a rough. don't hurt me. bruce songs next, and all the rest. XXX
  10. this is beastin' just thought I'd share. It's got a secksy groove. But it's naemything. so I'venae idea.
  11. they will though. chuggedy bug tuneless hardcore is great for openers on a touring band min. just sayin' xxx.
  12. respect. all the bands you like sound the same, and they all play the moorings. I think you are a really guid guitarist, with great skills, but tunes elude you. nae offence, just being honest ye odious prick!
  13. The thread title is pretty self explanatory. But I like the use of weird and cryptic. These words are pleasing to me. Essentially: I've been here ages, and seen two types of bands- good ones, and shit local pub-rock bands of all genres. I just find it strange that either of the two categories have made some sort of impact, don't get me wrong wise, I'm a hobby-ist- and it's never been any other way for me, but I just find it strange that nobody really breaks out- like in that bangin' foo fighters track.
  14. Oh for God's sake. I don't know why I bother. Talk about a thankless task.
  15. I like the music but the title is a bit vommy. It's like a daemons song title. But bangin' music, I still think you should start a proper band like, but that's just me- laptop music is a bit non-secksy for me. it's guid though. xx
  16. Yer crotch is heaving with thetan's. get audited dude. You will rest better. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbb. Hollow Earthhhhh.
  17. I don't go to gigs as much as I used to. but last year I was lucky to see some cool stuff- mainly bands from out of town. I find it funny that you support the bland ( tom's etc) locally and yer label is bangin'. odd set up. I maintain Aberdeen has guid bands- mainly drowned out by the average and dull. been this way a while. I blame the gatekeepers, peer pressure and vested interests. It's aright though.
  18. I'm looking forward to the Fudge Awards, celebrating pub rock et all. In the last ten years- LOVELESS. great band, stac set- great band, nowadays min D. rest of it is mainly pub rock pish. it's complicated not complex. See yis the morn. and yer' band is shite.
  19. i think you guys are of to a roaring start. I like the bonkers vox in the first song, and this is different. personally I dislike high up vox because it's jist gay- but sounds good. Still hearing a lot of bruce- gaslight anthem. that's just me. all the best. XX
  20. minus three rep fae the biggest fannies on here! yas min teckle
  21. Soz. i got pissed. I used to like turning 13/interlace. I still do. guid tunes. I watched the live feed and was doing okay till some overconfident cunt with a bandana on turned up. it's my bad- I was vomming- it was like the hey-day of kris a gogo and brian fae fudge. I sez soz. I can't explain my reaction to jablonski. he's a warcrime. I like captain tom- but by shitting hell he's nae running 4ad, SST or touch and go. that's just me though. I think his ears are faulty. xxxx
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