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Is it too early for an "albums for 2012" thread?

girl anachronism

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Is it too soon to start a Season 2012/1013 thread yet, I mean I know the preceding season has just started, but I really think the SooperDonz can go all the way!!£%!

P'raps a tad premature. Also, Bands can disappoint sometimes, no, really.

Oh defs, I'm certain that the SooperDonz will go all the way in 1013, what of it?

I'll have to bear that in mind, because if it doesn't live up to my expectations, that'll be my year off to the worst possible start.

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very early review in already

Review | Sharon Van Etten



Tramp, Sharon Van Etten, Jagjaguwar, February 6th

After the understated beauty of her first two albums, Sharon Van Etten returns with a record that manages to capture the special quality of her previous work, whilst building on it to create something slightly different, but no less wonderful.

Tramp was recorded in a state of flux, a characteristic that feels fundamental to understanding the album. Van Etten was without a home during the recording of the album, but was luckily given a place to stay by The National’s Aaron Dessner, a big fan of her work. These two artists appear to have a natural affinity with each other, in that they both specialise in songs that are laden with emotion, and are life-affirming to boot. Dessner also provided a place for Tramp to be recorded, as well as featuring on the actual album. Despite the inclusion of a star-studded backing band, including Zach Condon of Beirut and Wye Oak, this is very much Van Etten’s time to shine.

The album does sound very much like it’s been inspired by the circumstances in which it was written and recorded, with an air of melancholy running straight through the 12 tracks. It ranges from the lyrical references to Lost In Translation in ‘All I Can’ to ‘Magic Chords’ repeated refrain of “You’ve got to lose sometimes”. The songs on Tramp typically start out slow and quiet and gradually build and build into something truly wonderful, demonstrating a massive step forward from the tracks from her first album, Because I Was In Love.

Highlights include the recently released track, ‘Serpents’, spectacular in its unabashed anger and with typically excellent vocals from Van Etten, as well as ‘Leonard’, which could almost be considered a singalong anthem.

It is an album steeped in sadness, but for all its introversion, Van Etten manages to create an album full of engaging and exciting songs. Tramp is a spectacular album in that it manages to be both epic and intimate at the same time, and hopefully this time next year, Sharon Van Etten will be justifiably gracing a lot of Best of 2012 lists.

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Unwinding Hours have a new one due out this year. Not sure when, though, they've just been putting acoustic versions of new songs up online.

Saw these guys live a couple of times, once supporting Idlewild in Glasgow, and I have to say they were one of the worst bands I've ever heard. Strange because Aereogramme were so awesome.

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