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Your most re-watcheable films.

Paranoid Android

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What are your favourite films that you can watch again and again and always enjoy, perhaps even more than when you first it? There are many films I really like but rarely get the urge to watch again but others I see frequently.

My picks would be Sideways, Lost in Translation and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

With the first two I probably like them more every time I see them and Ferris... is just always great comfort fun viewing.

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'Jaws', without a doubt. I claim this as my favourite film based purely on how much I have watched it. It probably is anyway. The story is superbly paced, the characters are just great, the acting superb. The rubber shark doesn't even matter. If they ever remake this film I may kill.

When I was younger and had only a few taped-off-the-telly films to constitute a film collection, 'Escape From New York', 'The Thing', 'Blade Runner', 'Streets of Fire', 'Rumblefish' and 'Repo Man' seemed to get a lot of play, with 'Manhunter' also joining the fray in a big way a bit later.

These days I usually have so many DVD's I've bought on the cheap waiting to be watched I rarely watch stuff too often, but I can watch the 'Jackass' films endlessly and just had yet another whack through the 'Bourne' Trilogy, great viewing. 'Dead Man's Shoes' also gets chucked on a fair bit, Paddy Considine is just awesome in it. Never get fed up of 'Napoleon Dynamite' neither.

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Hot Rod. Big Lebowski.

These, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Terminator II, Die Hard 1&3, Napoleon Dynamite, Pulp Fiction, Some Kind of Monster, Forrest Gump, The Dark Knight, Black Dynamite and anything with Nick Cage in it. These, probably some others, and about 100 american B-movies.

There are also a list of films I have seen about 5 times that I don't even like. Films that are on ITV2 all the time (American Pie, X-Men 2).

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