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  1. Coffee Wankers

    To clarify, the staff at starbucks are lovely - the coffee is as expected.
  2. Coffee Wankers

    From what I remember of my days in the torture house, sounds like they haven't recalibrated the grinder when a new barista goes onto the machine, which they're meant to - otherwise the coffee can taste burnt or watery, depending on how fine the grind is. Also, the water is probably too hot and it's burning the coffee. Basically, staff dont know what they're doing so either go elsewhere or keep buying lattes. I go to starbucks now because they're all lovely and white mochas are a great sugar/caffiene hit. I am considering getting an aero press, heard lots of good things!
  3. Pet Hates!

    Folk mispronouncing everyday words, I didnt realise it'd grate on me so much. Like foreWARD, rather than forward and RevvEW instead of review. Unfortunately these are words used often in my office and there's nae hiding from it.
  4. Oooh so close, this is my best year yet!
  5. Pet Hates!

    I used to ignore these calls for attention, it was fun. Now my office isnt full of those kind of folk and it's ace.
  6. TV Series!!

    I LOVE IT!! I'm just starting S6 and catching up on the latest episode of the current season. I hated S2 because the queens were haggered compared to S1 but so glad I skipped and went to S3 everyone hates the S2 winner so I think I made the right choice.
  7. TV Series!!

    Archer I think, isnt that on 7?
  8. See? Seems so simple but nah, just can't do it.
  9. Adam West. I'm not witty enough to do puns...
  10. TV Series!!

    I think they make it a clearer in episode 3 or 4 - they straight out say what is happening and who is who, whereas in the book (soz) it isn't as explicit.
  11. TV Series!!

    Anyone watching American Gods? It's a bit different - Gillian Anderson is in it and she's brilliant. To be fair, all the actors and characters are great.
  12. Yuss. It's not really an achievement you can brag about, though...
  13. Christ, I forgot I had him on my list.
  14. I saw him om his solo tour a few years ago in Glasgow and it was a really enjoyable gig - very chilled and just him basically pissing about inbetween songs. Shame
  15. Quick Questions

    https://www.national-lottery.com/news/national-lottery-tickets-as-gifts Even the lottery says don't be a dick about it