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  1. I'm intrigued to hear it. Thankyou!
  2. Anyone else like to listen/comment?? http://www.somecastfire.bandcamp.com
  3. I remember catching you guys live and enjoying it. To me the recording doesn't really do you justice. I do think the addition of some simple backing guitar to flesh out the changes and hold everything down would add to the recorded sound, but may not be required live. No fucking wahwah pedals though. I wouldn't be concerned with this chat about Oxbow, its not like they invented that, and you clearly enjoy, so why not. Go get em, tiger.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, Phillip, much appreciated.. I did have loads of fun making and doing all the layering. I am doing more in the style of the first track too, maybe as as a separate project.
  5. Cheers for listening and commenting.
  6. Hello, here is an album I made. Why not have a listen? http://www.somecastfire.bandcamp.com Cheers Mike
  7. I got him a Mumford and Sons stab book.
  8. Recently got this 2015 Gibson LP Special. A hefty twang monster, UNNNNNNNNG http://
  9. I'm starting to feel that saving all my money for a deposit on a house was a waste of time. I hate young people. And people.
  10. This is getting daft, and a little dangerous. Young man, I'm a 37 year old fella who has been working non-stop for 20 years and I would not have the disposable income to go buying 800-1000 quid guitars on a whim. With work becoming more scarce every year and your obvious need to burn money, I would suggest a good savings account. Get your guitar and play it, don't consider another until you are sure you have some decent savings and that your job is going to last.
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