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Aberdeen "Missed connections"


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"Hi, I'd love to get to know you, even just your name would be very helpful???

Maybe if we can get to know each other a little better you could explain why you threw a drink over me, since I have absolutely NO idea who you are, or why you did it???

I did have a laugh about it, and a really good night, so I'm just confused by it all!

Anyways CHEERS! :-)

p.s do you like Corona?"

Seems to be a theme going on here. Are all Aberdeen guys worthy of getting drinks thrown at them?

If so, I like Jagermeister.....

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Hi i know this is such a long shot but i was shopping for a xms present for my mom and i asked you what you thought and you gave me some advice we spoke for a few minutes but i left cuz i was in a rush and you were kinda blushing lol. erm you were around 17 or 18 and very pretty oh nd bought ur mum a scarf i think i think we connected very well would like to hear from you.

Oh dear...

On the other hand, this one's almost smooth:

Does anyone know the brunette with shoulder length hair that works in the Rosemount Heavenly Pizza Shop? There should be no confusion as to who she is as she stands out a mile, very pretty and well fit.

Was in last week and was tempted to ask her out but just wasnt sure of her age (always dangerous) and relationship status (also, not great being asked out when you are at work and have a shop full of people).

Any info would be very much appreciated.

And if you are that girl and are reading this then drop me a line, Im not a stalker (honest) and you never know, worth a try surely!

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Girl on pushbike that knocked my wingmirror Aberdeen Missed Connections

Girl on pushbike that knocked my wingmirror

Date posted: Thursday 7th May | Ad viewed: 304 times

Location: Aberdeen

North Deeside Road, cults area


What he said and what he meant.

There's a big difference.

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What they ought to say:

"You were a gorgeous blonde girl, on the dancefloor in Snafu, wearing a short purple dress, and drinking a Smirnoff Ice with a twinkle in your eye. I was standing in a dark corner leching at you and pocket-wanking, and quietly sobbing because I'll never get to speak to a girl as nice-looking as you.

Please get in touch. I don't expect you to meet me or anything, but please could you post me a pair of your dirty panties?"

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"looking for a stunning blonde, mauve top, short black trousers in chicago rock friday 1st May"

He's gone to the trouble of remembering her top was 'mauve'. I'd say avoid.

I feel like such a man right now since I have no clue what colour mauve is.

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It's like lilac innit? My grandma used to wear it.

Lilac? is that a real colour?

Real men only acknowledge black, white, blue, green, yellow, red & brown. You can add certain prefixes to that such as "light", "dark" or, especially in the case of brown, "shitey".

I've made enquiries with some girls & gays and apparently this "mauve" is a dark shitey reddy-blue.

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