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  1. I would go to this if I weren't working at 8am in Dundee the next day. Saw Olympic Swimmers at Doune and they're worth a swatch 'n aw.
  2. This is sort of related. I know who handles the online marketing for Brewdog, but does anyone know who does the branding, or do they oversee it themselves? Does anyone know?
  3. Always a great gig. Either ABZ or Dundee, I shall be there!
  4. I could always check and see if I can wire you the money from my UK account and you could give the DVDs to Ross?
  5. Airplane 1+2 (2-disc) Downfall (2-disc) Everything is Illuminated Four Lions Gran Torino Inbetweeners Season 1 + 2 (2-disc) Metropolis (2-disc) Moon One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Scanner Darkly, A Shallow Grave Six Feet Under – Season 1 (4-disc) £5 Six Feet Under – Season 2 (5-disc) £5 Sunshine I'd take these if you were willing to wait a couple of months?
  6. The wee DIY shop at the bottom of George Street does.
  7. Elizabeth

    Your current read?

    Our Man... it is then. ...and between Woolf and Smith? I've never read any Woolf, but I know I like Smith.
  8. Elizabeth

    Your current read?

    Finished 'Things The Granchildren Should Know'. What a lovely/sad book. Just made me want to listen to Eels and accomplish all of my goals, which I'd say make it pretty good. For my next read I want one from a female and one from a male (as to not look like an angry feminist, obvz). Can't decide between: Graham Greene 'Our Man in Havana', Kurt Vonnegut 'Timequake', Richard Yates 'Easter Parade', Virignia Woolf 'Mrs Dalloway' or Ali Smith 'The Whole Story and Other Stories'. Suggestions?
  9. I concur these are great, although they are bulky. There's some AMAZING Adidas headphones in Staples atm as well. These ones to be specific: Sennheiser HD 220 Adidas Originals Headphones: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics If I had 40 to spend on headphones, I totally would.
  10. This could be interesting, cults were pretty good when I saw them, but I'd only heard one song and I quite liked it. Have not heard of any of the supports. FFO?
  11. SAAS will cover you for: 1 year of an HNC/2 years of an HND, if you only do one year, then move onto University then they will pay for your full 4 years (or however long the course is; they will pay all 7 years if it is Architecture if you don't have a paid 6th year placement and 6 years if you do, same with Medicine/Veterinary as well I'm pretty sure). If you do the HND and only go into first year, then you will have to pay a year of fees to the university, as it's been said, however, if you go straight into 2nd year from the HND (which is what usually happens), then you will be covered for all costs. Bursaries are available if your parents earn less than X amount and loans are available to everyone (the non-means tested loan form is a very quick one to fill out as you don't need your parents/your own bank details). If you are going abroad, to an institution in Europe through Erasmus as part of your studies as well, SAAS give you a grant for that (pretty sure non-means tested) however, if you go anywhere out of Europe, they won't. If you're doing a course in college that isn't an HNC/HND then it should be covered by local government and you should be able to get a non-means tested bursary and other bursaries means-tested, for travel, etc. You should get a form from college to fill out with your acceptance letter/whatever that you fill out. I'm pretty sure this only counts if this will be your first course out of Secondary/Primary school though and you will have to pay tuition fees if you're doing your second/third/whatever. Probably information already given, but hope that makes it clear?
  12. I went to Spain and they sold Brew dog there.
  13. Rockness has camping though and was created by Fatboy Slim, so it doesn't really make sense to have it as an example (ie. it's in an area where not much goes on anyway, there's somewhere to sleep included in the ticket price and it's had quite a lot of money poured into from the start). Having looked at more of the responses to this, transport could've been a massive issue. Unless the festival organisers were willing to pay stagecoach/whoever more money to run buses more frequently and for cheaper back and forth to the 'burbs it is maybe asking a bit much for folk to fork out on return buses to and from the site every day, unless they want to stay in an expensive hotel, or (and I don't know how much hillhead were charging) an expensive B&B as, as far as I know, there's nowhere in Aberdeen under 15/night?
  14. My brother's got a ticket for this. I hope if it doesn't go ahead he gets a refund. It is a shame it's being cancelled, however, reading that petition page, the term 'Mystery Guest' did put me off. There were a lot of bands on that list that I'd pay to see, however, that one last headliner was make or break as there were a lot of the bands that I wasn't interested in. I don't see why they'd market it like that when we have no idea of the calibre they could potentially get?
  15. Jumping on the wagon, this is affy good. Ross seems to have hit the nail on the head recording-wise.
  16. Elizabeth

    Your current read?

    Everything is Illuminated - Johnathan Safran Foer. It's a lot saucier than I expected, super sad in some parts and very funny in others.
  17. I'm late to the party on this, and I haven't seen the uni library IRL yet, but, on the basis: I concur. What happened to really crafted beautiful buildings? What happened to turrets? Turrets are lovely. Same with good, old fashioned bay windows. I realize people are whores for a good money:space:time ratio but why does everything new have to have massive glass walls? The inside of the building does look quite nice though.
  18. I use mine mainly to put up my uni stuff, at the moment it's not a great 'online presence' but I'm trying to work on that and sort out my HTML life. Here it is: izzie mack illustration
  19. I think you missed the part where I said it had to have been made in the 2000s.
  20. Wow, 8 pages. I'm impressed, and only around a page of Cliff Richard-cock comparisons. I salute you all. Can anybody suggest any films that deal with masculinity/objectification of males/anything you've studied before that will make you sound smart as shit, that has come out/been made in the last ten years? I've got; He's Just not that into you, Brokeback Mountain, John Tucker Must Die and that on the 'to watch and criticise heavily' list (with the exception of Brokeback, maybe? I don't know what I'll do, tbh), but I wanted something with a bit more substance.
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