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Music Festivals 2009


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Despite the crunch biting into my credit I am still going to be attending the Download Festival this year in June. I'm really looking forward to seeing Trivium, Static-X and the old Limp of Bizkit... I also nearly collapsed when Staind were announced last week lol! Loving the Nu Metal/Old School Rock feel of it this year.

Is anyone else attending a festival this summer?

Who are you looking forward to seeing or who would you like to see play?

Anyone got any quality festival survival tips? :)

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

Hmmm, I love a good festival. Though, it looks as if you and I would definitely go see different bands :)

T in the Park was my festival of choice for 6 years in a row, but couldn't make it last year, and can't again this year. I'm not sure if I'll even go back - I might, it was always good fun! Hit Glastonbury in 2007, and that was quite simply awesome.

My new favourite is Wizard Festival though - the atmosphere is just ace, and it's on such a smaller scale, and is about 2 miles from my house! I'll be there again this year, definitely. It might be my only one - really want to go to Rock Ness but I think my finances will work against me.

So, at Wizard, the bands I'll be treated to will be Charlatans and Levellers. Ones from my teenage years, so should be enjoyable. If not, the festival will be fun regardless, and hopefully there'll be a host of unsigned local talent like the last 2 years. :up:

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None for me thanks. I've been to a couple in my time and to be honest I don't get the whole blissed out festival atmosphere thing - to me it's a weekend of living in faux squalor, surrounded by far too many loud, drunk people, crap food, crap beer and the nagging feeling all weekend that the ticket price could have been put to some better use.

Each to their own though. Maybe I'm just too old now.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

probably none, i refuse to go to a 'pilled up cunts in a mud field' festival, and ATP's line ups all suck this year. "oh look at us, we're putting on a festival of bands that NO ACTUAL PERSON in the entire world has ever heard of"

i can't believe how crap the vs the fans line up is...are art fags really so fucking fickle? vs the fans 2007 had a massive line up of underground/alternative/indie/art bands that were really fucking good

Curated by ATP

* Akron Family

* Alexander Tucker

* Band of Horses

* Brightblack Morning Light

* Built To Spill

* Capricorns

* Cornelius

* Current 93

* Death Vessel

* Do Make Say Think

* Echo & The Bunnymen

* Edan with guest Dagha

* Ghost

* Grizzly Bear

* Isis

* Micah P. Hinson

* The Notwist

* Patti Smith

* Shellac

* Slint

* Sparklehorse

* Subtitle

* Tall Firs

* The Books

* Youthmovies

Curated by The Fans

* 65daysofstatic

* Annuals

* Architecture In Helsinki

* Bat For Lashes

* Battles

* Clinic

* Daniel Johnston

* Les Savy Fav

* Modest Mouse

* Mogwai

* Okkervil River

* Subtle

* The Apples In Stereo

* The Go! Team

* The Thermals

* Trans Am

* Two Gallants

* Why?

* Wilco

* Yo La Tengo

atp's selection, for me was a bit wanky but holy crap i still can't believe the fans' lineup when i read it.

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Went to Roskilde last year, and quite frankly will never go to T in the Park as a fan again!

The whole scale and organisational difference between the two festivals is unbelievable. Dont think I seen a burger or hot dog the whole time I was in Denmark - except for the Boogi Burger which takes about an hour to eat, its huge! All the stalls had Chip & Pin facilities, Draught Beer could be bought freely without having to queue for tokens and all that nonsense, at a reasonable price as well, plus a swimming lake, cinema, supermarket and designated train station where you can leave the festival and nip into town for a few hours etc made the whole thing brilliant.

Apart from the line up tho :down: We bought tickets based on the initial headline announcement of Radiohead, and the previous years packed roster of awesomeness, only to be slightly disappointed by the announcements that followed. There were a fair amount of decent acts, but not once at the whole event did I have to choose between sacrificing one act to go see another. THis years line up looks pretty decent tho, minus the headlines 8-)

ETA: Wizard this year is my only festival pencilled in, but then its like half an hour from my house max so why the hell not!

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Said after last year was not going back to TITP but pretty impressed with lineup so far, so prob end up going.

Will also go along to Wizard, (hopefully playing wise) but will be there anyhoo.

Also Perth Music Festival,its gonna be a belting 4 days.

Loads of top Scottish bands playing.

We are playing on the Sun at The Ice factory with The Xcerts, Sucioperro and The Fire and I,

So that should be quite a night.:up:

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After deciding last year's TitP would be my last, I got a ticket for this year (a combination of Blur headlining and Connect being cancelled). Hoping to get to Leeds to see Radiohead as well.

Plans afoot for a trip to Coachella or SxSW next year. Note to self: start saving some cash!

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree

You bastard.

You just reminded me that Blur are at TITP - been trying to forget.

My own wedding vs seeing Blur at TITP? Tough decision.

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I haven't been to T in the Park before however I've heard from my mates who are regulars that its just kinda degenerated over the last few years into a musically predictable, drug infused, unsociable, stab-fest... apparently not as good as it was back in the day!

I would've liked to have gone to Connect this year, its a shame that its been cancelled.

I think its great that we've got a festival like Wizard in the north east that we can call our own. Especially for all those music lovers who can't afford/be bothered to travel to England or abroad... or to Inverness to see one.

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I'm off to Primavera Sound in Barcelona at the end of May.

Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Aphex Twin, Bat For Lashes, Jarvis Cocker, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), My Bloody Valentine, Shellac, The Mae Shi, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Vaselines, Throwing Muses, Liars, Kimya Dawson, Andrew Bird, Ponytail and Vivian Girls.


(Oh and fucking Bloc Party....shudder)

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I really want to go to Hellfest in France this year, it has an amazing lineup for Metal/Death -




All Shall Perish

Pig Destroyer



Suicidal Tendencies



Marilyn Manson

and much more

I would go for Skinless,Kataklysm and Vader alone...

its Jun 19 - 21

I probably wont go though, money reasons :down:

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I'd love to go to Primavera, every line-up seems super and Barcelona looks awesome.

Still kicking myself for turning down a ticket to the Explosions In The Sky ATP last year.

Efterklang makes End of the Road tempting but the journey and peeps that will be there put me off. It's close to my 21st though. Hmm.

I'm such an old man. :(

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