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  1. Got a couple of studio projects on the go at the moment and need a competent drummer to come into my studio and record. Fast rock/metal double kick type stuff. Must have own kit. Contact me for more information.
  2. Looking for a female singer and a bassist for a wedding/function band. We already have a male singer, guitar, drums and keyboards. If you're interested or have any questions please get in touch.
  3. Or stream the playlist from Youtube! For up to date news on Sharky Sharky please like our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/Sharkysharkyband
  4. thanks. Not really listened to They Might Be Giants but I remember they did the Malcolm in the Middle theme tune which was pro. Might go download an album.
  5. Maybe you can all sing it while you're drilling on the rigs? Hope you enjoy.
  6. Selling my Peavey Classic 60/60 power amp as i'm saving for a mesa or a 5150 and have no need for it. you can find all the technical info in the manual here: Peavey Classic 60/60 review - Classic Series Amps I've never had a problem with the amp whatsoever. Also i should mention that it has a UK power supply which is a rare find on these things, the other guitarist in my band has a US one and has to carry an extra transformer in his rack which makes it ridiculously heavy. Heres the ebay link: Peavey Classic 60/60 power amp on eBay (end time 04-Oct-10 01:52:01 BST) I'd take 250 for it which is a bloody good deal. Any questions feel free to ask.
  7. Selling my Rocktron Prophesy. Its been a staple part of my rack and studio for quite a while now but i want to try something different, probably a 5150 or a Mesa. Its exactly the same as the Prophesy II except without the artist presets(which you can download for free off of the Rocktron website) and overall a bloody good amp. More effects than you could ever need as you can see in the generic tech spiel below. The preamp is in perfect condition, like all Rocktrons it was originally from the US and so comes supplied with a UK step up transformer. The Prophesy II new generally sells for around 1200-1450 so get yourself a good deal! Any questions feel free to ask. Product Features: - Dynamic Tube Replication Technology (DTR) - User Definable Effect Configurations - User Assignable Stereo Effect Loop - Tap Tempo Delay and Tremolo - Built-in Chromatic Tuner - Stereo XLR Outputs - Real Amp Knobs for On-The-Fly Tone, Volume and Preset Adjustments - "Pluck Detector" (patent-pending) and ADSR for Dynamic Effect Control - Pre and Post Distortion and Global EQ - Pre Distortion Effects and Post Distortion Effects - Programmable Speaker Simulator w/ Parameters for Speaker Size, MIC Position, Reactance - Preamp Section The preamp section of the Prophesy features four channels each with their own distinct "voicings" to provide a vast array of desired tube amp sounds. Each voicing may be thought of as a "channel" and each channel has its own basic gain and master controls with bass, mid, treble and presence controls, all easily accessible with "real amp" knobs on the front panel, just like a regular amp head. - Channel 1 or Clean American, replicates some of the most sought-after clean vintage tweed amps of the late 50s and 60s. - Channel 2 or "Texas Blues", is a vintage tweed with a bit more "kick" and "bite" often heard from the famous southwest bluesers ala "Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray, Eric Johnson, Etc.". - Channel 3 or "Vintage British", is a traditional "Plexi Style" tone offering some of the most dynamic rhythm tone available. - Channel 4 or "Mega Drive" is considered the Holy Grail of almighty heavy tone of modern music pumping out everything from early Van Halen to Megadeth and everything in between. The preamp section also features a parametric Pre EQ, which allows you to "pre-shape" your tone to simulate the characteristics of several different guitars (such as fine-tuning your Strat to sound more like a Les Paul, Etc) as well as an additional parametric Post EQ to add extra Lows, High, or scoop out the Mids. And if thats not enough, we also included a Global Parametric EQ which adjust the overall output of the Prophesy on all presets. Effects Section The effects section of the Prophesy is divided up into two sections, Pre distortion (or pre-preamp), and post distortion (or post preamp) for unlimited configurations of effects. The pre-effects section features Wah, Compressor, HUSH®, Pre-EQ, as well as one assignable effect of your choice. The post-effects section provides ultra-transparent, high-quality effects which completely preserve the tone of the preamp-thick reverbs and lush choruses can be used without coloring the sound of the preamps tone. Four assignable "effect blocks" allow you to assign 1 effect pre-preamp and 3 post preamp effects in any order you choose, including Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch Shift, Rotary Speaker, Ducker Delay, etc. Prophesy also features a versatile mixer section to control the mix between dry and wet signal output of every effect used in the preset. If the effects in the Prophesy are not enough, we included a true stereo effect loop which may be assigned anywhere in the effect chain just like an internal effect. Want just an incredibly powerful effect processor? Just bypass the preamp section completely and use the Prophesy a stand-alone effect unit. The ADSR (Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release) function features Rocktrons Pluck Detection patent-pending, and allows you to configure any of the Prophesy parameters to be controlled dynamically by each pluck of a guitar string. More about the ADSR as Guitar Player Magazine says: "its an incredibly musical application that is very different from the usual expression-pedal tricks. You could do some groundbreaking stuff with this killer function!" Other features include a visual representation of the assigned effects signal chain, preset title, the voicing (channel) being used, are all conveniently displayed on the first preset page. The buttons in the 16 button matrix show the effect status (in or out) as well as allow you to instantly jump to those effects parameter pages for instant adjustment. Of course, the Prophesy maintains the high quality operational features that Rocktron processors are well known for, such as glitch-free preset switching with no signal drop out or lag time and the most natural sounding effects. Specifications: Input impedance: 470K ohms Output impedance: 150 ohms Maximum input/output level: +20dBu MIDI in: 7-pin DIN MIDI out/thru: 5 pin DIN Input jack: 1/4" mono Output jacks: 1/4" left and right Recording output jacks: XLR left and right Power requirements: 9VAC / 3.4 amps Dimension: 19" x 3.5" x 8" UL, CSA and CE approved operation
  8. Amazing guitars, ive been waiting for one to crop up on ebay a while but i eventually ended up importing one of these: ESP | EDWARDS | E-CY-165CTM
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