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  1. Haha aye no worries, already spoke to them yesterday bout a gig down with us!!
  2. Well that seemed to go very well?? Big crowd in, excellent set by The Law boys. How good were Velet Audio, a young Aberdeen band with a 14 year old drummer, who is very good indeed, really enjoyed their set.
  3. Travelled up to The Lemon Tree last Sat, to catch a mates band and was well impressed with the sound like!! band were good also. Looks like our ever growning Aberdeen following will be out in force tomorrow night, so if ya fancy a wee jump about come along! We are also playing King Tuts next Sun 18th, if anyone is down in Glasgow?
  4. We are really looking forward to this, been a wee while since we have played with The Law guys. Also Velvet Audio, be good to catch them live. 1st visit to The Lemon Tree We have a couple of new tunes up on our myspace. They were recorded at Ca Va Studios in Glasgow Produced by Geoff Allan, who is currently also working with Biffy! In fact Simon Neil allowed us to use his amp for the recording, sad i know but we were chuffed like!!!
  5. Anyone heading down to Perth for weekend? Some excellent bands playing, kicks off on Thurs night. We are playing on Sun, at The Ice Factory Heres the times, if anyone is coming along. Sucioperro 11:00pm The Xcerts 10:15pm The Fire and i 9:30pm The Trade 8:45pm The Shermans 8:00pm If the amount of folk we have coming along is anything to go by, will be a pretty busy night!
  6. Aye that would obviously be excellent from our point of view bud!! Not that we will see the game anyhoo, want to catch the other 2 bands.set. But will defo make it easier getting folk along after footie like. For anyone coming along after the cup final, I have few half price tickets for ya! They are 3
  7. We are really Looking Forward to the night. Even though Champions league final is on:down: Played with Dirty Deeds 6 weeks or so ago and thought they were excellent, so delighted Ross managed to get them on the lineup. We have a few cheap tickets to sell, not a lot but some. Despite Footie, will still be a healthy crowd in
  8. Said after last year was not going back to TITP but pretty impressed with lineup so far, so prob end up going. Will also go along to Wizard, (hopefully playing wise) but will be there anyhoo. Also Perth Music Festival,its gonna be a belting 4 days. Loads of top Scottish bands playing. We are playing on the Sun at The Ice factory with The Xcerts, Sucioperro and The Fire and I, So that should be quite a night.
  9. Our video for our tune The Dealer is now on Virgin Media, Music on Demand. Its on Road To V Channel and will also be on a programme featuring highlights of last years V Festival and this years hopeful unsigned bands. So those of you with cable, if you could maybe give it a wee watch and see what you think? The Trade on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  10. Sorry but thats not quite right. Sonicbids are offering you a month free membership and a submission for Go North for $10. After your free month you would have to pay $66 for a years membership, although they used to let you pay for monthly membership, not sure if that still applies though? If you wish to submit for any other events they have, it can cost you anything from $5 to $30 for each submission, depending on the event. SXSW was $25 to apply, with the chances of be picked very slim I would guess, although why would you want to go across there without some sort of major hype behind you? IMHO of course Also they have The Great Escape festival on at the moment and it is $30 to apply. Last year for Gonorth you could indeed just apply through their Website for free or through Sonicbids or both!!
  11. Steven, it looks like Twa Tams has only one band on so far on 28th March. If you would like me to have a word with the promoter for ya or if you want his details to get in touch yourself, just give me a shout.
  12. A review of our set at ABC2 Glasgow on Friday, is in todays News Of The World or online at NOTW Scotland. Damn good show - and other gigs | Damn Shames | The Locals | The TRade | Isa & The Filthy Tongues | Scottish|scottish_listings|scottish_music | News Of The World No bad review like, gig went well enough, very good crowd in and ABC2 is a top venue. We are at Moshulu on Sat 24th Jan for the Red Stripe music thing. It's free entry We have a couple of buses coming up from down this way and with our usual Aberdeen following, should be a good lot of folk in.
  13. We have been picked to play this year at Moshulu. Normally we would run a mile from Battle of the Bands type things, but this is not like that Imho. We take onboard Clouds points but we have to pay for our own travel etc to gigs anyhoo. That fact there is none of this voting malarky and we dont have to sell x amount of tickets, is all good. It's win win as far as we can see and if all that happens out of it, is that we get a Sat night at Moshulu and our fans get to see us for free, it's still been well worth it. Blood Red Shoes got to the final London gig in 2007 and if it's good enough for them:kiss:
  14. After unfortunately have to cancel at the last min,our support slot with Peter and The Wolf due to a Family bereavemen, We are back up in Aberdeen this Sat @ Cafe Drummond. Along with local bands M.I.NE and Badge Doors 8pm 4quid to get in. We have a very good growing following in Aberdeen, indeed throughout Scotland, as was proved by the turnout at our gig @ Nice'n'Sleazy Glasgow last Sat. So should be a good night, we are looking forward to it anyhoo.
  15. Aye very sorry we had to cancel our slot at the last minute, One of the guys had a very close family bereavement, the day before the gig. We are back up in Aberdeen on Sat 13th Dec at Cafe Drummonds though and also Supporting The Foxes at The Tunnels on 10th Feb.
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