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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvxhKl-fT0cIndianRedLopez & Song of Return kick off their co-headline mini-tour tonight at the Tunnels. If you haven't seen or heard of Song of Return yet, I'd highly recommend them. They won the Nordoff Robins Music prize last year and are off to NYC in April to play at Tartan Week and a few industry showcase gigs.
  2. Yo Folks Looking for some feedback on our new demo that we've put together. Our first attempt at self recording really, only up on soundcloud for a day or so. http://soundcloud.com/indian-red-lopez/even-keel-forgiveness-demo Cheers Dave
  3. Wicked Line-up Is there a Facebook page for this at all or any other listings that we can promote through the usual online channels? I will be putting a link up to this page as well anyway but if theres somewhere official then...
  4. Cheers, we had many discussions about the lip syncing! But I think at the end of the day it actually adds to the 'lost' look Mike has. It was done by Fraser Denholm, the man responsible for the 'Run Down Aberdeen' documentary and a lot of the UTG campaign, put a lot of effort in on our behalf so thumbs up to the man for the end product!
  5. Hey folks, posted this on a thread in news and announcements but its a bit lost down there... keen to get some feedback from folk on here, we're pretty stoked with it, let us know what you think of it please!
  6. working now! Was getting an error page before! Mental mind fuck cover as well, nice!
  7. Embdy keen on giving us some feedback on what you've seen/heard so far?
  8. Cheers boys! Spread the word... The t shirt bundle is only available till midnight tomorrow in order to get them all printed in time for the release date so if anyone is keen, get on it! We might have some other cool stuff happening in the next few days so keep an eye out! Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/SoundCloud etc
  9. Hey folks our debut album 'Empty Your Lungs and Breathe' is now available to pre-order with a free immediate digital download through our BandCamp site. clicky Have a listen and let us know what you think!
  10. New Indian Red Lopez album detailsThe Kiosque – Aberdeen, Music, Clubs, Art, Film, Comedy, Theatre
  11. Guy at my work is selling a Roland Cube 30X amp. Neat wee thing, hardly used and in mint condition. May even be able to find the box for it too. Looking for 100 o.n.o, they're around 140 new. Cheers
  12. Yep, as JJ said... Scroll down, click JJ Bull and then hit vote. Then repeat for Indian Red Lopez if you please! JJ - keep spreading the word!
  13. Wee bump for this since its gig week! Seems to be a bit of interest about Fenech Soler at the minute, plus their album is released today. Lookin forward to this one, anyone going?
  14. I'll be totally honest and say I didn't like the name when I heard it at first, but seeing it on the single promo artwork totally swung me. Still not sure if it should be one word or two though...?
  15. After a long winter of recording, we're delighted to get these tracks up on the myspace. Cheers to Craig @Song of Return and Sam @ 45 a side for their hard work, banter and croissants. INDIAN RED LOPEZ *NEW TRACKS UP* on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Let us know what ye's think!
  16. We've run a number of shows in Peterhead over the last year under the 'Shmeet the Beat' banner, relatively sucessfully as well, with Minnaars (Leicester band played Reading and Leeds last year) headlining our last club night last month. Our next event will be the May Day Super SUnday, have 12 acts appearing in an all-day event in Mambos. I'm sure those who have played will testify that its a well run event with a fairly good vibe and decent turnout as well. Local acts who have appeared include: Stanley, Cast of the Capital, Steve Milne, In Atlanta, Free Korps, Velvet Audio. Shmeet Myspace
  17. Au contraire Steve-o... Indian Red Lopez are opening this show, get down extra early if you want a half hour dance before Take a Worm
  18. Yo folks We were down playing at Fence Homegame at the weekend and decided to record a new demo take with us since our winter recordings aren't quite ready for release yet. You can listen to it, called The Third (Incision) on our myspace for a while. Cheers to Iain at Bedford Records who helped us put this together in 4 pretty hazy evening sessions! INDIAN RED LOPEZ on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Any feedback would be wicked... edited for ridiculous spelling effert... (sic)
  19. Following 3 packed events last year, Shmeet the Beat, Peterhead's fast growing live music event are gearing up for their first live show of 2010. Headlining the gig, on Saturday March 6th at Mambo's Nightclub are one of Britain's most talked about new bands, Minnaars. Hailing from Leicester, Minnaars exploded onto the UK music scene last year with stomping sets at Reading and Leeds festivals and BBC Radio 1 have proclaimed them to be The hottest property to come out of Leicester since Kasabian. They've also become a big favourite with the music press, receiving regular plaudits and recognition from NME and even the star of television's Gavin and Stacey, Mathew Horne has picked them out to be the biggest new band of 2010, Last year was all about White Lies. My tip for this year is Minnaars. Event co-ordinator Scott Maskame said, We had a great reaction to the gigs we brought to the town last year and are looking to push on and get a regular thriving live music event in Peterhead. So far we've really concentrated on getting local bands to play as its something that we think is really worthwhile doing. This though is something really different. To get a band that have played such big festivals to come up and play alongside local bands in Mambo's is a great step forward and going to be a really great night. Shmeet the Beat are also moving forward with plans for more gigs this year and are delighted to announce a forthcoming appearance by Oasis' former manager, and founder of the famous Creation Records, Alan McGee. Co-organsier Dave Cherry added, Alan McGee has agreed to come up and take part in our May-day weekend event with a DJ set and the event will also feature a strong line up of both up and coming local acts, and more established bands from further afield. The March 6th bill also features Aberdeen band In Atlanta, before local favourites Velvet Audio take to the stage armed with new material and a forthcoming EP release. The first one hundred people through the doors will also be given an exclusive free download link for the EP. The night will finish with what is sure to be a fantastic bang with Peterhead's own WHACK! DJ's. Tickets are priced 3 and will be available on the night. ...I'm exhausted just listening... Jo Whiley, Radio 1.
  20. Indian Red Lopez - Official Random Coventry-based Unoffical Fansite
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