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the best song to last more than 10 mins

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Guest ForbiddenFruitcake

probably virar vel til loftrsa by sigur ros, but i heard an ace song the other day which was very long (i think it may have been opeth) which could rival it

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first track off slow riot for a new zero kanada by godspeed you black emperor. or east hastings by godspeed you black emperor.

celestial by isis

cleanse by neurosis is fairly intense but a bit too much drums on it i think.

but i think without a doubt the greatest track over ten minutes long has to be:


over an hour long, the finest piece of sludge ever recorded. fucking ace. like a huge woolly mammoth trudging through hemp covered jungle while the sky explodes above it. hot slow and off into space. oh yea.

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cabaret voltaire - project 80 (parts 1-4) (running time 56 mins!!!!)

marc and the mambas - twilights and lowlifes

the all seeing red - happy birthday nicola/plastic diamond

mercury rev - frittering

ultra vivid scene - blood and thunder

cornershop - spectral mornings

orbital - desert storm

chas n dave's knees up

the the - uncertain smile (12" version)

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