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Stupid Sub-Genre's


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Guest Nikola Tesla

Fashioncore anyone?

Never understood how a band can be classified from its members clothing but hey thats probibly why i dont write for the NME.

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Guest Nikola Tesla
Originally posted by Mouse:

Mathcore is a funny one

Some one explained mathcore to me an said that is because the bands use mathmatical structures ie fibonachi (sp?) sequences. To build their music, dunno how it that works out though.

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Guest highroller

thing is stephen...shoegazing music is /was a genre....

I loved it...

the best examples are (theres some crackers here...)

nowhere by ride

going blank again by ride

smile by ride (which has the awesome song "driveblind" on it...yes that where nick and Terry got the idea)

Leisure by blur

some friendly by the charlatans

between 10th and 11th by the charlatans

loveless by my bloody valentine

anything by chapterhouse

anything by birdland

...actually...jesus and the mary chain were classed as shoegazing music...

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Guest highroller

hmmm...i suppose it is...i think it sold shitloads though...it was just so right that album...right for the time...first with john bush...my fave metal vocalist...no one touches him.

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