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  1. yeah british people abroad is a problem too. They would know where to look because you have to say where you have lived at in the last 5 or 10 years (I cant remember off the top of my head), so they could check in those countries listed. It doesn't solve the problem completely but it would be better than it is at the moment with no overseas records accessed. Petition to: impose compulsory checks on overseas workers. | Number10.gov.uk clicky clicky, sign-y sign-y
  2. Yes I am aware that it's a long shot but I'm not the sort of person who moans about something and doesn't try and do anything about it.
  3. It can be done, it's just money. The overseas information service can access criminal records abroad. my petition is to make employers check the overseas information service. My petition did have a realistic goal. Otherwise why would I have made it.
  4. well I would have no need to be patronising if I had had any form of response that was related to my petition, my reason for this thread. (there were about three exceptions)
  5. Can I just spell out to those of you who can't seem to understand a simple petition the following. - I am not on the side of branding everyone a paedophile until proven otherwise. It's completely ridiculous I agree. - I am not saying that I want a big brother state. However I am saying that I think it's outrageous that there is an inequality in terms of check on foreign workers and UK workers. All employees should be subject to the same checks. I have a friend who has a drug conviction on his criminal record which may stop him getting certain jobs (whether companies would admit it or not). A foreign worker in the same situation could come here and get that job becuase conviction would not show up. The inequality is my main point. I didn't realise I need to spell that out, clearly I thought wrong...
  6. this discussion has been oh so constructive ...
  7. The reason for using the word compulsary is because the way it stands at the moment the CRB check only covers time in the UK and the employer is then responsible for contacting the overseas information service to obtain the police records from that country. However this is not mandatory and is therefore not done. I am petitioning for the government to make this check compulsary and not up to the employer. To work with vunerable people you must have a full UK work permit. In airport security you must have lived in the country 5 years. However this still means that their background cannot be checked the same way it is with UK born citizens. so all in all I do mean yes they should be subject to the same checks, and to do this the government need to make contacting the overseas information service compulsary.
  8. Yes but the point is that UK citizens wouldn't get a second chance if they had convictions. So overseas workers may have convictions and they don't show up. So it's not a second chance it's concealed. I didn't want to go all daily mail on everyone but the truth of it is that theoretically there could be people working in baggage handling who have overseas convictions possibly regarding firearms or explosives and they would appear to have a clean CRB check as the convictions were overseas. Foreign criminals work at airports unchecked - Telegraph
  9. why don't you all just sign my petition anyway and then i'll be very happy Petition to: impose compulsory checks on overseas workers. | Number10.gov.uk
  10. Hellooooo, I haven't posted on here in ages as I moved to london, but though i'd return with a bit a controversy. I recently found out through some training at work that when foreign workers apply for jobs working with children/vulnerable people or jobs in high security positions any overseas convictions will not show up on their Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check. CRB checks only cover convictions in the UK. So I believe that some major failings are imminent in terms of a sex offender working in a nursery or a violent criminal working in baggage control. What are other peoples views on the matter? I (clearly) feel very strongly about this so I have made an online petition to try and get something done about this. please sign it if you agree with the outline will only take a couple of mins. the website is Petition to: impose compulsory checks on overseas workers. | Number10.gov.uk Also here are some links to pages that also discuss the issue Care home workers go unchecked, police warn - Times Online Foreign criminals work at airports unchecked - Telegraph and a couple of videos BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Airport workers security risk BBC NEWS | UK | Minister on airport security
  11. I love millencolin. that is all.
  12. yeah douglas were amazing, it was pretty sad when they split. they were brilliant live as well
  13. that is pretty awesome! I'm gonna try and come in a see you and Stephen this saturday
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