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Frosty Jack

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Does anyone on these boards have enough strength of faith in their own chosen religion to declare it here? Is there a fear of ridicule or offence if you do? I'm genuinely interested in whether or not we have any religious people here, and what the general reaction would be to someone else's beliefs.

How committed are we? How tolerant are we?

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As with everything, my view is to stand up for your own beliefs...

...but that doesn't mean joining a massive organization of some sort which at some point will be influenced by capital and world politics.

Personally, I have no faith, although I primarily don't believe in aetheists. They claim that the lack of proof of a God is enough to disprove 'his' existance, yet there can be no solid proof that shows one doesn't exist.

You've either got God, or you're agnostic.

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I believe in God but I dont feel that I should go to church.

God is extreme IMHO. There are Hundreds of thousands of kids brought into this world every day who will live long and be happy. However, where was God during Beslan, 9/11, the Tsunami?

I do have a problem with some religious ideas however, if they want to live in Draconian ages its up to them but some ideas just dont add up. The safe sex message is so important in Africa and I dont think Catholicism helps. Also, Jehovah Witnesses not allowing blood transfusions, that in my eyes is nothing short of murder.

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I attended Sunday School as a child but my parents didn't mind when I decided to knock it on the head. They aren't particularly religious either.

If anything I'm agnostic. I don't believe in god but if I have to attend church I do find myself bowing my head and clasping my hands in prayer but that's only when it's births, marriages and deaths.

I used to be highly tolerant of other peoples religious beliefs and to a certain extent I still am. But when I shared a flat with a rabid protestant who made Ian Paisley look like a fluffy hamster, my tolerance took a sudden nose-dive. At the time the guy was in his early twenties and was ordained as an elder. That was his choice and good for him but he had a nasty tendency to forcefeed his piousness on people.

In all honesty I don't mind nor care what a person's religion is. That's their belief and their faith, but please don't ram it down my throat. My boss is a born again Christian and we have crossed swords on many an occasion. I thought I might've been forgiven when I didn't get quotes for wireline equipment in on time but that just ain't happened.

And I just despise Evangelists!

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Religion just gives lonely folk somewhere to go on a sunday and someone to talk to. It causes nothing but trouble.

Apart from the occasional bit of music and some fancy painted ceiling in Italy, religion its just an excuse for wars, violence and hatred.

My God is better than your God!

My God told me to kill all unbelievers!

My God told me to give to poor people!

God is given as an excuse/justification for many things both good and evil. Do things because you want to, not 'cos you think you should.

I'm not having a go at feeble minded God botherers. I'm sure there must be one or two who are actually quite nice. My problem is with the steaming hierarchical heap that is the church be it christian/muslem/hindu/satanist/jews etc.



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A very interesting question, and one which has already brought forth interesting replies, with no doubt more to come - here's my tuppenceworth.

As a warranted explorer scout leader, it's part of the promise I make to "do my duty to God" - which kind of fits in quite nicely with my beliefs. I'm not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person. I'm a great believer in "gnosis", which is personal connection between God and the individual - so "my" duty to god, is how I personally view/interact/believe. In my opinion, organised religion is, in the whole, a barrier to any individual connecting with the divine, as there are too many conflicting rules, "Thou shalt nots", bigotry, fundamentalists, hatred and general crapness involved.

As to what "God" is, I'm not sure. I believe that there is definately something which is "divine" (for want of a better word). However, as to what this divinity is - I don't know, and to be honest I don't think it matters. It could be either macrocosmic - a huge incomprehensible force that permeates the entire universe (like the traditional Christian view of God) or microcosmic - the tiny spark within all of us that is life. (Similar to the monkeys and typewriters - you could put the chemical elements that make up a living thing in an infinite number of testtubes in infinite varying quantities and never achieve "life" - something would always be missing).



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There are people who claim they are' date=' but essentially you cannot be truely aetheist, as there is always going to be a certain degree of doubt.[/quote']

where is the doubt? There is no God.

Please explain the following concepts with reference to God

planetary accretions


nuclear strong forces

formation of Helium in a vacuum

sorry folks. We're alone down here, and when you die, that's it. Game over.


increasingly irratated inthe hills

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There are people who claim they are' date=' but essentially you cannot be truely aetheist, as there is always going to be a certain degree of doubt.[/quote']

If you have any degree of doubt then that is an example of agnostic atheism (no, I didnt make that up!). But personally, I'm very much an atheist and furthermore don't believe religion has any place in a truly civilised society. Id go as far as say that in my eyes the belief of any deity is irrational.

In my humble opinion the only thing people need to have belief in is themselves.

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I need to go with a quote . . . "the idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty' date=' and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind, in theory and practice."[/quote']

Perfect explanation.

"In my humble opinion the only thing people need to have belief in is themselves."

Only one more thing to be said on the subject:

Be excellent to each other :rockon:

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Our tiny minds are not capable of comprehending the bigger picture so I don't bother trying. It is my firm belief that nobody knows the meaning of life or the source of existence no matter how many "plausible" scientific or religious theories there are. I know how I feel about being a good person to others and trying to live a good life.......not that I particularly excel at this. i would also say I believe in "something spiritual". It may all become clear come death time (unless there is just nothingness) and some of you may well get bragging rights for being correct.

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